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SVI - Floating Static

Hi Everyone,I have 2 6509's configured with an SVI directly connected to a pair of ASA's in an active/standby failover configuration.The design requires the use of 2 static routes, one floating for failover. The primary route is destined for the pai...

87305 by Beginner
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Spanning-Tree Issue

Does anyone know if switches will go into STP learning mode during the time when the root bridge sends Configuration BPDUs with the Topology Change bit set to 1? I understand that the Topology Change process is used to age out the mac-address tables...

dot1x feature

Dear expert, I am testing the the dot1x feature and get the below result. I feel point 4 is not quite make sense.Can I make that for dot1x client, Even they haven't enter their username and password, they also willnot be assigned to guest vlan ( vlan...

acbenny by Beginner
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Resolved! PBR in 3750 switch

Hello Guys,I have a 3750 switch where i have a tunnel interface confured. and i am redirecting traffic whcih is coming from a specific vlan through the tunnel using a PBR. I am using SDM as desktop routing, i can see that the match in the route-map i...

harish.ab by Beginner
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2621XM router not retaining configuration

I have recently purchased a used 2621XM router and have found that when I turn off or discconnect the power, the config is not retained.... and before you ask, yes, I have saved the config from running to startup.The only change that I have done afte...

Resolved! Restricting line vty

Dear Friends,I wanted to restrict line vty access to the core / dist devices. My purpose is to restrict the number of sessions to each device as 6 (3 for telnet and 3 for ssh). This is the config that i am planning to use. Can you please help me know...

Route not advertising (Urgent)

One of the route is not getting advertise where all othere routes and 3.0 are getting advertised. I have checked the access list and all are ok We have two links one is MPLS and other one is DMVPN Just before 2 days we migrated fr...

Resolved! Two 6506 switch advice

Hello everyone. I want to ask a question about two 6506 switches that I have. I want to be able to use them both in a redundant type fashion, and Im not sure how the two would need to be set up so that if one fails, the network does not go down bec...

6509 DHCP problem

6509 DHCP config:ip dhcp pool xinxizhongxin network default-router netbios-name-server dns-server interface Vlan6 description XinXiZhongXin ip address ip acc...