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Given a Cat6509 w/ dual Sup720's running native IOS. A PA-POS-1OC3 was added to an existing FlexWAN card, but was not recognized. IOS on one Sup was upgraded to min. recommended version to recognize the POS card. POS Card was still not recognized....

sstein by Beginner
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Resolved! Config Help

Hi,What config is required for Cisco 4507 with Two Supervisor.If one SUP fails ; automatically 2nd SUP should take over.By Which command I would test the failover of SUPAppreciate quick help on

hello,I need some assistance in how to get internet access accross my LAN. I have attached an image so you can see my system. I have internet access coming from the ourside and into my office and that is available via data port one on the bottom part...

digbycolm by Beginner
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Hello,My current Cisco Router 1812 configs. are as:1. My DSL connects to the FE0 port.2. My ports FE2-FE9 are automatically assigned IP addresses via the DHCP server from VLAN 1.What I want to do is stay on the same vlan but assign my printer which i...

Hi,I am little bit confused about this. My friend proposed the scenario like given below using a single switch.port 1 and 2 in the vlan 1port 3 and 4 in the vlan 2port 1: Machine APort 3: Machine Bport 2 (VLAN1 )--> Latency-Calculator/generator-Machi...

To create the trunk port, may i know what is purpose to create vlan database? Is it compulsory to create it?SwitchA# vlan databaseSwitchA(vlan)# vlan 5 name vlan5SwitchA(vlan)# exitSwitchA# configure terminalSwitchA(config)# interface fastethernet 0/...

ssweehin by Beginner
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Hi all i am using 2801 router with 14 Mbps internet. I am presently facing a very new problem the router hangs down after working for half an hour and no packets will be delivered and total internet service is down and the link successfully works whe...

I am facing a design problem can any one help on this regard.i will currently explain my current setup. we have two cicso 6509 with HSRP and two FWSM failover pairs in two switches. The cisco 6509 switches hoists all vlans for data centre and users n...

Resolved! mst instances

hi everybody!let say we have only two possible stp instances: ints1,inst2we have mapped v1 to inst1,v2 to inst2 where "v" stands for vlan.if a switch receives a frame for v1 but due to physical link failure inst1 no longer exists what will switch do ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I bought an 1811 on ebay recently. The router came configured. The seller did not know the password, as it was programmed by a tech who no longer worked for him.Basically, I want to reset it to factory default,and load SDM, and use that to configure...

Hello,According to the following urlhttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_3t/12_3t14/feature/guide/gt_bgivt.html#wp1060626the command "ip verify unicast vrf vrf-name {deny | permit}" (uRPFv3?)was integrated into Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SXH.Howeve...

7pliapis by Beginner
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