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9200L Stack ring splits

I have a stack of 6 switches that on occasion the stack ring will split into 1 and 5. Running show switch gave me one member as ready and the others as removed. When I would try to console into one of the others, it was unresponsive or was in straggl...

jasonmeyer by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 3650 no IOS - BRICK - upgrade failure

Hi everyoneI'm trying to upload IOS into my Cisco 3650-48FS-S switch. Looks like it is bricked now :-(I tried to boot from USB but I'm getting this kind of message: switch: dir usbflash0:Directory of usbflash0:/4 -rw- 537489817 cat3k_caa-universalk9....

michalfira by Beginner
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Upgrade IOS-XE image pending Reboot.

for ios-xe, is it possible to be like IOS that we can do all the preparation works (pre-upload the image + setup the boot variable) and only at deseriable time then we proceed with the reboot?reason for asking is i will like to reduce the downtime ne...

Stacking Catalyst 3850 switch

Hi experts, We have a 3 x 3850 stacked switch in the production.I have found out that it is not in a full ring stack, there is no stack cable connected on switch 1 and switch 3. Now, I need to connect a cable to it, I wanted to be 100% sure that this...

LemmYY by Beginner
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Migration from 4500 to 9500

Hi all, I am doing migration from Cisco 4500 to 9500 and I would like to hear if someone already did it and what is the best practice!  It is core SW, 4500 using HSRP and 9500 will be Stackwise-virtual! Can I do copy paste configuration (are they com...

Sreja82 by Beginner
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SG350XG-2F10 flapping port

Hi guys, I would like to ask you for help with my problem.Description of environment:2 switches SG350XG-2F10 in stack. ProLiant DL380 Gen10 with 2 network cards Adapter 1 - HPE Eth 10/25Gb 2p 640FLR-SFP28 Adptr, Adapter 2 - HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 53...

madarasz by Beginner
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VLAN tag in Ethernet Frame 0x8000

Studying CCNA2 I stumbled upon a problem with PacketTracer excercise 3.2.8.The VLAN ID in the Ethernet frame on is comprised within the TAG field, between the source MAC field and the Type/Length field.The value should be 0x8100 for dot1q. However th...

keesepema by Beginner
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Cisco Nexus 3064PQ dot1q tunnel

Hi,I'm using a Nexus3064PQ with dot1q-tunnel enabled on two interfaces to interconnect 2 sites of a customer.SoftwareBIOS: version 4.5.0loader: version N/Akickstart: version 6.0(2)U6(2a)system: version 6.0(2)U6(2a)Below the configuration of my interf...

AF64 by Beginner
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Getting SSH error 'connection refused'

Hello,I need some help on this issue. On some routers and switches I am getting connection refused when trying to SSH to them. Telnet works fine ofcourse. I am  thinking it maybe the 'crypto key generate rsa' command is missing? But some of the route...

sonikbaby by Beginner
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Resolved! Switching

Will Cisco catalyst 1000 series switch Support third-party Extream SFP module?Anyone please! suggest me for this troubleshooting.

Vihan by Beginner
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