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Resolved! Switch renewal

Hello everyone,Is there a Cisco document where the equivalence relationship between old switches and the new models that replace them appears?For example, the 9200 as substitutes for the 2980, etc...Thank you so much

Aleck_Sei by Level 1
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Below, i am attaaching a problem i have been trying to solve for a bit but haven't been able to completely resolve. In the network, the only thing that remains to be configured is the ACL(standard) that allows IT to ping all users in LAN site as well...

Iseeyou by Level 1
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How do we set the default gateway on a CBS350? Right now, port forwaring out of the gate isnt working but when I set the default gateway using SSH and ip default-gateway command, it works as intended, but there has to be a better way to set it up, in...

Hi Members,Hello, I would like to ask a question. Our company purchased a C9300 stack and Cisco Network Advantage License subscription for 3 years for 2 devices.Currently, we are configuring 8 Portchannels, inter-VLAN routing, DHCP services, and trun...

Hello.So I have only ever know it as Trunk and have used a Catalyst at one time to do so, but after some googles I keep seeing LAG come up.This is essentially my want; I have 5 vlans on an SG350XG and I want to bring those same vlans onto an SG550X b...

TheGoob by Level 4
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Hello I have been told that the switch is I have setup my network adapter to I’m have no cable connected and I can’t seem to be able to log in any help would be mostly appreciated,kind regards Benjamin   

Hello everybody ! I'm coming on this forum about a problem with port-security. I'm currently settling port-security on all cisco catalyst on my network and it works fine. I have also 10 industrial IE-2000-4TS-L and for these the port-security comman...

I want to send device hostname in trap message. Right now hostname column shows IP address. I want it to reflect device hostname. I tried "logging origin-id hostname" but it did not work. I also tried "logging origin-id string SWITCH1" but no luckI a...

Hi,I need to connect C9300L to an HP Switch to forward vlans traffic. The management vlan is vlan5. HP Switch configuration is as follows. There is no configuration in Cisco 9300L Switch at the moment. I also want to use C9300L as a wireless controll...