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Resolved! Cisco 3850 stack member 1 current state stuck on syncing and stack member 2 stuck at sync not started.

Its a ws-c3850-48tMy member 4 and 3 are stuck at syncing after power outage. Why is the config not syncing?Tried reloading and unplugging the cables.Should I remove the stack member ? Then plug the cable back in?Something like: https://vmguru.com/201...

VK20 by Beginner
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QoS not tagging traffic on switches

Recently I have been trying to improve our QoS policies to improve the quality of voice calls. I finally created a SPAN port to our SIP router and started capturing some packets. I discovered that out Jabber client voice traffic is not being tagged w...

JEB-1181 by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrade Nexus C3548P-10GX in vPC

Dear Buddy,I have 2 x Nexus C3548P-10GX in vPC. I would to upgrade the current version 9.2.3 to newest version 9.3.4. Could anyone have experience with upgrade the Nexus in vPC? Appreciated if anyone can advise me the procedure.Thank you. The current...

thuy.hoang by Beginner
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7841 Phone not recognizing Voice VLAN

I am running into an issue with getting NEW Cisco 7841 phones to register with Call Manager. Investigation shows the phones are not recognizing the voice VLAN.Here is a config snippet that has worked with 250 7900 series phones for 8 years:interface ...

SG300-28PP - help with what these logs mean

Hi all, I work for a CCTV company and we recently took over a site which has 5 SG300-28PP cisco switches. The site has been having a lot of power issues and I'd like some help understand what might have occurred from these logs. We had an incident of...

adam99 by Beginner
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Help with SG110-16HP 16 Port Gigabit PoE Switch

Sorry, I posted this elsewhere in the forum without reply so I thought I would try in Switching. I'm sure one of you experts could help please.Dear All,I am a novice network person who needs a little advice pleaseAt home I have a SG110-16HP 16 Port G...

CPKR by Beginner
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Strange phenomenon in the campus network

Hi support community, we have a very strange phenomenon in our company campus network and we don't know how to deal with it.Maybe you have any idea? Our campus network consists of 3 core switches (2 C6880-X-LE in a VSS network) and several access swi...

Cisco SG300-28 boots up then shutdown

Hi Guys,When I plug in my switch the system LED is blinking green and all the ports led lit up for a few seconds then the ports led goes off, and a few seconds after the system LED is off.  The switch seems like its shutdown after.  Any ideas why thi...

ghansham by Beginner
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Cisco Catalyst 9600 models

Hello all,I hope everyone is keeping well.We are looking at the Catalyst 9600 as Server farm switch, but was wondering if there any new models are to be announced? The reason for the query is we have around 160 ports in use (dual homed), and we would...

Cisco Catalyst 9600 models

Hello All,We are currently looking to migrate 160+ servers from an EOL stacked switch, and looking at the following options:Catalyst 9600 with 25Gb line cardsNexus 9500 with 25Gb line cardsIf we deployed the Catalyst 9600 this could be managed by Cis...

Resolved! C9300 shows 10/25/40Gbps ports In running configure while there is no module for those...

I have a C9300-24T-E with v16.9.5. The only module installed is NM-4G. All the ports are 1Gbps. But in running configuration, there are a number of tengigabitethernet, twentyfivegigabitethernet and fortygigabitethernet ports.... why? A new feature?

m1xed0s by Contributor
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