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4500 blade comparison

Guys, I need to get a good blade with least oversubscription and am debating between WS-X4306-GB vs. WS-X4506-GB-TI don't need the POE features or the copper capability out of the blade (just need GBIC connections)Can someone tell me if the 4506 has ...

ciscors by Beginner
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3750 twingig module

I know a WS-C3750E-48PD-EF comes with 2 X 10GE (X2) ports. Now, to connect it to another switch using 1GBPS, do I have to purchase both the X2 GBIC such as X2-10GB-SR as well as the Twingig module or can I simply buy the Twingig module?

ciscors by Beginner
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NLB Microsoft with Switch L3

My problem that have two vlans in switch L3, one with servers(vlan 2 ), and others with network users(vlan 1).In vlan 2 i have servers and one cluster NLB of the Microsoft. Well, When I am in vlan 1, i want test ping virtual ip of the cluster and don...

Resolved! 3550 for Router?

Hello.Many questions tonight.I'm currently holding a faulty 7206vxr router. And I have a 3550-24 and a 355-12G, both with enhanced multilayer image. I'm thinking about replacing the 7206 with the 3550, and thereby I seek answers and advice. Customers...

markraves by Beginner
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WS-X6704-10GE 802.1Q Tunneling

I am looking at purchasing a couple of these modules. I will need the 10GE interfaces to support 802.1Q-in-Q. Does anyone know if there is any limitations on these interfaces, where by they can't do VLAN Tunneling or tag stacking? Thanks for your hel...

eknell by Beginner
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Root Bridge

Does anyone have a layman example of what a root bridge setup does (MST)? And what are the risks when not enabled (default)?Thx.

Using 3560 as DHCP Server

We are using a Cisco 3560 Switch as a DHCP Server. I understand how to set up multiple DHCP pools within the same network using Sub-netting. The issue is i would like to be able to assign on a per port basis of what DHCP pool to use.For Example if i ...

Resolved! Deleting a virtual interface

There is a debate among our engineers on the proper command to delete a virtual interface on an MSFC. Which command is correct and why?delete interface vlanxxxorno interface vlanxxxThere's a dinner riding on this one!

peter.mark by Beginner
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Hi all, can anyone tell me about typical encapsulation, say ppp, does it only encapsualtion the ip header and data within the ethernet frame, or does it encapsulate the ethernet frame ?

Resolved! Connecting a switch to a 3560

I have the following commands configured on a 3560 switch:spanning-tree portfast defaultspanning-tree portfast bpduguard defaultinterface GigabitEthernet0/9 switchport access vlan 7 switchport mode access spanning-tree bpdufilter enableI want to conn...

russ by Beginner
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Ip subnet zero

Hi everyone, i have little confusion regarding 2n-2 formula, when we were subtracting 2 from 2n, first thing we were subtracting was the first subnet i.e 0 but wats the second thing that we used to subtract ? thanks

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