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Flexwan Module

I just install a flexwan module in 6513 switch, the 6513 is running native IOS. I sent the command to power up the module but the logs are say that the device is unsupported

wharrison by Beginner
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Supervisor 2 and 6500 series switch

Hi,I have 2 WS-X6K-sup2-2ge blades for my 6509 and was wondering if they can be converted to work with IOS?I've read that the sup1 and sup2 cannot work with IOS in a 4500, but can they be converted for a 6509?Also, if it is possible can I just use th...

Subnet - Problem

My Network / 24I want to allow only 80 and 25,how to do acl, wheather i need to create each host wise or can i use any range using subnets.. But i should not allow one host extra or less one host..exact 151..199.can ...

Resolved! Switch for "private" networks

Imagine I need to make a switch available to accomodate communications for server-to-server "private" networks, which are used between servers in order to control heartbeats, load balancing, etc.Currently I have in place a Cisco 24x port hub. I am as...

news2010a by Participant
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vlan and subnet question

hi!For a network environment with multiple vlans tied with subnets, what would be the different if i've created an subnet without assigning any vlan into it compared to vlan with subnet? Does that meant that subnet is not acessible by any existing v...

dkblee by Beginner
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New SUP720 boot string issue

Why do I get the folowing response when I run command "show diagnostic sanity" on a new 720 out of the box from Cisco Systems?Invalid boot image "bootdisk:s72033-ipservices_wan-vz.122-18.SXF8.bin" specified in the boot string.Please check your boot s...

Resolved! err-disabled

HiMy port fa 0/2 of WS-C3560 is down :FastEthernet0/2 is down, line protocol is down (err-disabled)I'm using the cable crossover with furukawa switch. It was functioning before( 1 year) but now it started to give this message. Why?Thanks

Catalyst 3750 Setup with SAN

I am trying to setup a Catalyst 3750 to work with a SAN and two servers. The lights on the switch will not light up on the switch, the servers or the SAN. Any ideas on how to get this fixed.Thanks

cadstillo by Beginner
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Resolved! catalyst 6500 bootflash

I am having some trouble understanding the difference between the sup-bootflash and the bootflash on the 6500. on which does the ios image reside. I do a dir and I do not see the filename that is in the 'show version' command

newbie by Beginner
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