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2950 switch is crashed due to this bug and it effected entire IOS range. At preset there is no solution for this bug. Anybody faced this bug, would like to discuss on this issue.

Unable to configure IP address in CE500 Switch

HiI am installing a fresh Catalyst Express 500 switch (WS-CE500-24TT), but the GUI url is not opening as mentioned in the user manual. Proxy and Pop up blocker are disabled in the browser. The IP address at the terminal is configured as ...

vvinod123 by Beginner
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Backup interface

Scenario-1:I have 2 ERP Servers say DB1 ( primary and DB2 ( secondary.DB1 terminates on gig 0/0 and DB2 terminates on gig0/1. my all users would communicate with DB1.now on Layer 3 i need to configure my L3 device in sach a way that...

soshomile by Beginner
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VLANs Routing/Access-list intresting problem

I have cisco WS-C3550-24-SMI running ip routing. I have three customers and they fall in their own valns as listed:interface FastEthernet0/10 switchport access vlan 10 no ip address spanning-tree portfastinterface Vlan10 description cust2 ip address ...

jahilnt10 by Beginner
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Network Router Upgrade

We currently use a 2500 router for our WAN connnection to a T-1. We are considering upgrading our bandwidth to include either another T-1 or move to a T-3. Would the 3700 routers be sufficient to manage the traffic and bandwidth?

Resolved! RSPAN

Hi, I'm sitting at Level 1 and i want to monitor the port at Level 2. Can anyone tell me how to configure RSPAN?Thanks,SAM

sam-lee by Beginner
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Resolved! subneting

Hi ,may someone correct me pertaining the subneting concept.Question 1------------- above, means my ip address will start from 172.17.16.x till 172.17.17.xor start from 172.17.15.x till 172.17.16.xregards,Jackal

ney25 by Explorer
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regarding stub

When i put a command #show ip ospf database in a multiarea ospf router it will show the ROUTER LINK STATES (TYPE 1 LSA) router advrouter age seqno checksumwhat it defines of AGE in the column of the LSA types and i heard some were in ospf tha...

500 Switch

I was able to GUI into a 500 switch. I have made some changes, such as the IP address, default-gateway and subnet mask. I saved the configuration, now I can not get back into my switch

Resolved! Question Regarding switchport trunk

All, recently I inherited the switches at our facility. Upon review of the configs, I found this config for a port that is connected to a ISCSI SAN: switchport access vlan 100 switchport trunk pruning vlan 100 switchport mode access flowcontrol rec...

rwamstutz by Beginner
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Resolved! PIX-506e: Help with NAT setup (newbie)

I've got the following scenario: internal LAN at 192.168.0.x, connected to inside port of 506e. Outside port connected to cable router (SMC 8014). Cable router supplies address to 506e (10.1.10.x).I've specified address pools as PAT using the assig...

ddidpm506 by Beginner
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