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Any good document which describes the working of RSTP and MSTP in step by step detail explained in an elaborate way.. I need the election of Root Bridge, Root port and Designated Port election steps in those two protocols.. I can understand the above...

Good Day Sir,How can I disable access lists on the WAN interface (fa0/0) of a Cisco Router? Actually our ISP wants to connect to the router for doing some configuration. This is just temporary. Please do tell me how to disable the access list and to ...

Hi - i'm deploying around 30 Vlans with VTP to a new build. I'm going to use a dedicated VLAN & IP to monitor these devices. Obviously there will be no ports assigned to these Vlans, if i enable VTP pruning, will that cause me problems? Thanks _ JH

Hi - I'm about to deploy 3750E's.. but i can't find any documentation on them regarding specific configuration. Specifically stacking configurations / commands. Does anyone have a link? Thanks - JH

gusy i m new to 6500 and 4500.....can some one please tell m ethe difference between SUB 2, 3 and now SUB 720 Mudules....what is SFC...and MSFC an ddoes now it comes builtin in SUB 720......can someone please answer me in plain words....Thanks in adv...

I have a strange problem with a service-policy in a 4503. I set up the policy to rate limit all traffic with DSCP AF21 to 8 Mbps. However when I apply the configuration instead of give me 8 Mbps it rates limit the matching traffic to 200kbps or somet...

hi! is it possible to configure etherchannel for 2x10Gbps backbone link? or 2x 1Gpbs? Is that feasible or any example of such implementation?

dkblee by Level 1
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I understand that there are three types of traffic in a switch enviroment:-Control Traffic (i.e. CDP, VTP always use VLAN 1)-Management Traffic (i.e. telnet, snmp -Vlan 100)-End user traffic (all of the remaining traffic - i.e. Vlans 10, 20, 30)I un...

Hi, Suppose we have many ACLs in a cisco router with lot of interfaces. Though we can see ACLs, we cannot figure out where they are applied, until we browse through the interfaces or running congfig. Any command to list a summary of ACLs along with...

raghum by Level 1
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Hi,I have a 3560G core switch with a stack of 8 2950's all configured in a ring with spanning-tree turned on to prevent a switching loop.I'm trying to do Apple ASR multicast imaging to about 50 workstations. I'm using as my multicast addr...

misleb by Level 1
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Does anyone knows the mib ID of the following command "show mac-address multicast count"? I am able to run this command on my switch but when i use GetIf to retrieve the value, i am not able to find the value.

leonleong by Level 1
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Hello,we have CSM-SSL Module installed in our core 6509 switch, we use it to provide SSL and load Balance for our websitealso we use it to rewrite all http traffic to be https secure traffic.so anyone type www.abc.com in his browser it will redirect ...