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Our Organization have 20 Cisco access switches (3560 and 2950 models) and it's all are connected to 6509 Coreswitch with no redundancy. All switches are running VTP mode as a server without any domain. My question is If I add a domain name in VTP ser...

Dear Support, We have WS-C4006 SupIII Module Switch IOS 12.18a, we have just received a new batch of PCs and notice we don't received an IP address on boot up from our DHCP Server. The DHCP Server is on the same VLAN as the PCs. Also we have a policy...

Dear , I am a new cisco user.I have Cisco 1760 router, with WIC-ADSL and WIC-4ESW.IOS: c1700-advsecurityk9-mz.124-10.binMy internet provider give to me block of 8 static ip addresses.On router I create 2 vlan, one with 8 static ip and another with no...

andriyhar by Beginner
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We gets the following informational message while trying to add the a L2 Multicast Mac address onto Cat 3750G with IOS 12.1(19)EA1d.Details as below:-------------------------------------------------HQIRDMZ2(config)#mac-address-table ? aging-time ...

HiCan anybody briefly explain what is SNAP and what is it used for??I understand how a datalink layer protocol implementing the LLC sublayer portion would use multiplex and dimultiplex frames to/from the appropriate network layer protocols using the ...

exkor5000 by Beginner
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I want to upgrade the code on the 831 Soho router from the base to another that supports FW and SSH logins. Can anyone direct me to the correct version of code to install on this device?Thank you.

jcho by Beginner
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Hi,I've a 2821 cisco router. This router has a adsl wic and a lmds connection using the second gigabit port.Now, there is a default route configured ip route 83.x.x.x permanent.With this configuration works fine.There are several vpn ...

We have 2 iBGP peers which are flapping. We verified that all configuration looks normal(including AS,MTU(9000 on vlan, 9216 on physical int., address including lo0, IGP routing, extended ping with different MTU size). We have multiple iBGP peers, a...

sding2006 by Beginner
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In the Cisco BCMSN Study-Guide it says that Root Guard should be applied on Access Ports at the Distribution Layer. I am a little perplexed, I thought the Distribution Layer is intended as an aggregation of Access Layer, and a translation from Layer...

Hi,I need to enable PBR on my main internet gateway. I have between 300-500 Mbps of traffic on a NPE-G1 and my cpu is at 20%. I need to send some trafic another way to test a new firewall. Will this hardware support it?