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Our ISP turned up our T1 today. For whatever reason I told them that I would provide the router and configure it myself. Now that I have been staring at this all day I realize I have no clue where to start. Here is what I have: (IPs have been chan...

casapgb12 by Beginner
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Hi all,I am very new to Cisco world.I am having a problem with my internet connectivity for the small business netwok.I was using windows XP pro in 4 boxes and was sharing my internet connection using Internet connection sharing(ICS).One of the Windo...

smith-100 by Beginner
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I have a 1600 that I have a config on and want to copy it to another 1600..the only changes are the IP / Password..what is the best method of doing this

fconn by Beginner
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Good morning,how do I change the way the traffic is counted in an interface?I am thinking to the line from the show interfaces:5 minute input rate 4000 bits/sec, 5 packets/secHow do I modify the 5 minutes to 1 minute for example?

mcardell by Cisco Employee
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If I have 2 routers both connected back to back via serial,both on different ip's, would the other router be classed as directly connected...and if so wouldnt I need any routes in them ?thanksCarl

Dear All, I am still new to the world of Cisco. I have here in My Network one Core Switch 4506 with 15 Edge Switch 3560. We configure the Core Switch with This Command :- A- ) HO-CSW-01(config)#username design privilege 15 password kabdesign B- ) HO-...

If I was to buy a normal broadband router at home, If I have say 3 pc's, can they all access the internet. I guess that these kind of routers use PAT which just automatically translates any lan ip to the wan ip and port, Am I correct in thinking this...

Dear All, I am still New to the World of Cisco. I received today 15 Cisco switches 3560 - 48 Ports & 1 Core switch 4506. i know the basic configuration of 3560. i want to create 3 VLANS of core Switch and each VALN will be for specific reaons. So VLA...

I have installed several 857w ISR's and find that the wireless tends to be very flaky. I have now got one set-up in a lab environment and find that the wireless connection varies in quality even when I am right next to it. Often the link drops comple...

mbluemel by Beginner
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We have 3 Nos of cisco 3750G cisco switches.2nos are 48 port and 1No. of 24 port.Now we are planning to stack all three switches using stackwise technology.We will configure different vlan’s on the switches for users/server/router segments.Also we wa...

fmatrine by Beginner
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