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fréquence=60 secondsframe size= 414 bytesdevices : *60 switchs *5 routers *4 core switchs * access serversplease i would like to know how to calculate the CDP's trafic in my network.thanks for your help.

If I have a router with 2 ethernet connections, and say I have 2 sites on a les circuit, if the ip scheme im using to connect the routers sits on one of the interfaces that are not directly connected to the switch, i.e remote site is plugged into the...

I have a 1760 router with 96MB DRAM. Is there a way I can find out, without opening the router up, (1) how many slots there are for installing DRAM; and (2) which of the slots are occupied with DRAM and which are free?

slaterc by Beginner
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HiI need router with 4 ethernet port.which series of cisco router will be appropriate for it.?Please help me.

ishwar by Beginner
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Hi,I just have a simple question. For the OSPF configuration why do we need a process ID? For example:Router OSPF 100 The process ID can be any number. So why do we need it?Thanks

Hi all,Id like to speak with someonewhere could be problem. We have configured switches 2950 and 3560 to make cluster..command cluster member and cluster commander ...Our 3560 is commander. Problem is that commander rewrote hostnames of members.But w...

johnleeee by Beginner
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Root Bridge | | 1gb |Switch 1 - priority 2000, MAC| PID-fa0/1 .............| PID-fa0/2| 100mb .................| 100mb| PID-fa0/2 .............| PID-fa0/1Switch 2 - priority 2000, MAC...

Hi,I have a 1841 router with NAT for Internet access.I have an ftp server (port 21) on the inside LAN. I want this server to be available from the Internet.I added:"ip nat inside source static tcp 21 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 21 extendable"to the con...

I would like to know how to assigne a particular MAC address only to get access throgh a particular port on cisco 2924xl switch.I want to avoid undeserved users to get connected to the LAN by regisgtering the MAC address of the real user to the port...