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How can I negate this crypto pki certificate pool in Cisco 9300 48P? I tried using the no crypto pki certificate pool command in the config mode but it still shows in the configuration: us-was-cap-accsw1-1-4.was#sh run | beg cryptocrypto pki certific...

Hi All,Seeing a strange access-list hitcount issue on Nexxus 7k running 7.3(5).Within an access-list there are some acl entries not showing any matches. For an acl entry without matches it would say '[match=0]' but for some lines this is omitted. Any...

mbaars by Beginner
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Hi,is there any config analyzer for switches as for WLCs?I have a large number of config to analyze and was hoping I can speed up the whole process a bit.

iores by Beginner
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i have a problem with c9200L stack,Sometimes a port is blocked randomlly for one user and not for others, sometimes a hole vlan is blocked.What i do is unblug the user and put the same configuration in another port or just make default configuration ...

dfezfd05 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, We have a C9300-24T switch, (switch2) in a 2 switch stack that wont initialize a c9300-nm-8x module. The c9300-nm-8x module works fine in other switches. Switch 1 in the stack has a c9300-nm-8x module working perfectly. After removing th...

slfashley by Beginner
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Hello experts,I have configured the DHCP scope for different VLANs on my core switch. I also enabled DHCP snooping for specific VLANs.Yesterday we had the problem that a rouge DHCP server was connected to a port on the Access Switch and caused downti...

Hi All, Am configuring new routers with local user login (this will eventually move to Radius in future). The access works fine but not sure how to bypass the enable password for the privilege 15 user. Below is the aaa config, I believe am missing so...