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i have given gigabit 0/0 subnet i give gigabit0/1 subnet is shows the overlap error they are in the different network how is that possible  am new to this whole thing and i very confused please help me as...

Resolved! Dynamic VLAN

Hello Experts, How the Dynamic VLAN are configured. Is there any separate command. As per my knowledge we will be having the VMPS server where it will assign the VLAN based on MAC. I am clear about the static VLAN, but require an clear explanation ho...

@Jon Marshall  Pls, I need your guidance, exceeded 433965808 packets action: drop      <<- Please can you tell me how to find out the exact type of Packets dropped, I know the class-map doesn't have any corresponding ACL match statement OR is HSRPv2 ...

johndox by Beginner
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I have 2 core switches in stp looped topology where more than 100 access switches connecting to them. I have around 75 svi vlans configured in these core switches with hsrp. I have a requirement to block certain vlans communicating with each other. R...