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Resolved! WS-C3650-48TD-S, ports G3/TE3 and G4/TE4

hi, I have a new WS-C3650-48TD-S. Is an SFP-GE-S supported on the last 2 ports labeled G3[]TE3 and G4[]TE4? I put in an SFP-GE-S in G4[]TE4 and it works fine. My question is about support. Since it is labeled G4[]TE4 will the SFP-GE-S be supported by...


hello… what difference between serise c9500-24y4c-1ac9500-24y4c-1ec9500-24y4c-ac9500-24y4c-edu 

Network Ready For Use document

Dears,my new network consist of  2*4500X as a core switch (VSS), 2*C3850  (stack) as distribution switch  and C9300 as access switches. i need NRFU document template  and exact producer to do the network test as a final step 

Video surveillance network

i will design a network for video surveillance. i will use different VLANs for different departments. i need my design achieve high availability,QoS and video traffic engineering.we can consider my network as a medium size. so my questions are 1- wha...

Port Security Question

Can one MAC address be used for two switch ports with port security enabled?We have a device with active/backup LAN ports that share the same MAC address.Is there a way to enable port security that can allow the same MAC address on two ports?Note onl...

dbartley by Beginner
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Flex links to Nexus 5000 switch

I have two Nexues 5672UP switches that are acting as core switches for several cisco access switches running IOS.  I am not using VPC for reasons I will not get into, so instead I am trying to use Flex Links to speed up reconvergence on core switch f...

Output Drops on C9300

Consistently see output drops on TenGig interface (actually a 1GB fiber handoff using the TenGig SFP for MPLS) on a C9300 (16.9.1).  Auto QoS applied to interface and softmax-queue is at 1200 on switch as well.  Output from sh run int x/x/x, sh int x...

Resolved! CISCO1941 for load balancing

Good Day.      I would like to verify if  CISCO1941 can be used for load balancing using two ISP's.  What additional feature licenses are needed to attain this?Thank you.

reycapoy by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT config

Hi team i have a CISCO 2960XR- Ver 15.2(3r)E1, Release (FC1)i want to do  nat on this switch following my Network DIagram, i want the IP to be translated to

uploade to cisco.jpg
mdmaqdoom by Beginner
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