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Confusion about RSTP convergence

When I added new link between SW1 and SW3, Fa0/2 and Fa0/1interfaces of SW3 became Alternate Ports. I think Fa0/2 of  SW3 should have not been an Alternate Port because in the segment between SW4 and SW3, Fa0/2 interface of SW3 should have been DP fo...

Lin Khant by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS Upgrade for 9410R

Hello all, I have a question about the Catalyst 9410R IOS images.  I am looking to upgrade the software on the switch but I'm not sure what the difference between Fuji, Gibraltar, and Everest.  I am currently running what came installed when shipped ...

Resolved! VSS and VSL

Hi,In our infrastructure we have implemented VSS virtualization from two nexus 6500 switches.the VSS confection was well done.However, one of the etherchanel ports of the VSL gives discards error.The goal is to find out if it is possible to replace a...

Resolved! Cant power access point from 3560 switch

Greetings all Have previously been powering a number of TP-Link EAP-110 access points via individual PoE power injectors however to try and tidy up I want to connect them through to my Cisco 3560 switch. My understanding that the 3560 offers 15.4W ov...

iankearns by Beginner
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CCNA Security

Hi Guys..!!My ccna validation is ony up to 3years as everybody knows.So I have another 1 year only.So if I want to extend it what I have to do...I like to do CCNA Security.. Will it help me to extend it..???

Resolved! Etherchannel PAGP Problem

Hello my friends!I created 1 ether channel between 4503E and 2960 TTL on 2 ports.Ether channel ist up but can not load balancing on 2 port. all traffics pass 1 port. The real bw monitor attached.where is my problem?

2960L RJ45 console port Issue

Hello all,This may be a dumb question, but I have a 48 port 2960L switch that I cannot get the RJ45 console connection working on.The USB console port works just fine, and I have even disabled it by going into "line console 0" and setting "media-type...

mnorvalls by Beginner
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Cisco router 2900 not pinging the internet

My Cisco router 2900 connected via interface vlan1 to ISP modem accesses the internet for just 5mins and after 5mins, the internet is no more accessible. I can access the internet non stop when I connect to the radio directly via a PC. But my LAN use...

Monique by Beginner
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Cisco ws-3750x-48p fan stuck on high

Hello,  So I have one Cisco ws-3750x-48p that one of the fans is just stuck on full load the whole time, It seems like its just that fan port on the switch itself, I can swap out fans and it does it for each one, here are the logs from env all, power...

mheddy439 by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 9300 Stack power wit 8 switches

Hi All, I need to setup an 8-member Catalyst 9300 switch stack that will use Stackpower. I'm aware that a Stackpower ring is limited to 4-member switches, so in my scenario I need to configure two Stackpower rings, however, I cant find any clear cabl...

dm2020 by Beginner
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Resolved! router on a stick cisco 2950

Hello,I am trying to do a lab for Router on the stick but it fails. Here is the scenario.I have 1841 router and 2950 24 port switch.1841 Fe 0/0 is connected to switch on Fe 0/1Switch hAS 2 Vlans namely vlan10 and vlan20when I no shutdown on vlan10 th...

Problem in stacking two 9300

Hi to all, i have two 9300 , cross connected with the stacking cables but the stack does not come up. Should i do something prior to stacking in order this to take effect?The only difference i noticed between these two 9300s is tb H/W version. In the...

Ditter by Beginner
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