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Computer connects, phone drops.

We have a 3750 stack on 12.2 (25).  They have been in place for years with no recent config changes.  We have two ports that the phone drops connection on after a couple of minutes.  The cable test fine.  If we jack in to the computer it is fine.  If...

swicklund by Beginner
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Can someone explain to me how the ASR903 platform (specifically running 16.6.2) hashes packets across a LAG that is a member of a bridge domain and how to verify this? I can change the methodology in the running configuration but it seems that it has...

Questions about STP.

Hello All, i always find STP very confusing , however i am currently studying switching and i have the below questions:- 1-i believe that the root switch election will occur before the ports goes to any state , is that true? 2-why would the root brid...

xZamalek by Beginner
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Resolved! CISCO TDR Test - PAIR mappings

Thank you to all who have posted and responded to all of the TDR questions over the past which i have reviewed.   I could not find thru many searches any mention of what Cisco PAIR A,B, &  map to...   I would like to know if anyone can confirm the CI...

stedaleo by Cisco Employee
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LACP load balance question

I have 3 public DNS Servers and I want to provide them as HA Service. The question is now how can I establish this without a physical load balancer. My idea is to use LACP to get this working.Goal:The 3 Servers should be connected to the Switch where...

Verify Memory Cisco Switches

Hello,I ordered a cisco switch with the following features:8GB RAM2GB FlashWhen I received the equipment, I wanted to check if indeed it is the good material but I can not interpret the output of the orders.thank you for helping me  

Resolved! HSRP-5-STATECHANGE (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) change state from standby to active

Dear All Could someone explain to me what happened to my catalyst 4500, please? Aug 19 15:32:28 15467: 015463: Aug 19 11:32:27.980 UTC: %HSRP-5-STATECHANGE: Vlan1 Grp 1 state Standby -> ActiveAug 19 15:32:31 15468: 015464: Aug 19 ...