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 Hey all,I am using the following topology:Video Endpoint (Public IP) <--(H323)-->cisco VCS-Exp(v7.2)<---SIP TLS---> cisco VCS-control(v7.2)<--H323 -> AA/MCU (cisco 8710)The video call was initiated from a Public VC endpoint using H323 protocol to ou...

Hi, I am trying to figure out how wireless sharing and proximity works in various meeting room scenarios, with and without Webex Teams and considering whether the room endpoint is registered to cloud or on-premise infrastructure.     Sometimes its bi...

Apologies as this is probably in the wrong subject, but it was the closest I could think of. Hopefully it should be a lot simpler than most questions here! I'm just going over the Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus trying to figure out what wireless capabilit...

philekiert by Beginner
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We have about 18 Polycom HDX units throughout our system, and every time we connect them in a call, they receive and send content in the video window.  This obviously results in unreadable content and frustrated users.   We have reached out to Cisco,...

groshekn by Beginner
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After upgrading a working CUCM registered Room 70 Single from CE 9.2.1 to 9.5.2 it appears from logs the camera is still stuck at firmware 9.2.1   Screen shows “No Camera Connected”   So far I have upgraded about 7 Room 55s to CE 9.5.2 and haven’t ha...

Jason Aarons by Frequent Contributor
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Hi Guys pls find attachment 's  Inside jabber works fineso far , CUCM to EXP-C has tls connection = status = Activethe MRA zone is active between EXP-C and EXP-E , status = Green the outside jabber user has the below nslookup: > set type=srv> _collab...