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Management software for VIC [M81KR] card "Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface" - Win 2k8R2

Hi,    I am configuring a blade presently that has a VIC (M81KR) card installed.In the UCS profile, I configured 4 vNICS- 2 vNICS for Public (One on Fabric A, one on Fabric B)- 2 vNICS for Private (One on Fabric A, one on Fabric B)I have installed th...

Does anyone know why sanboot redhat5 U7 OS kernel panic after running IO about 2 hours?

Hi,I sanboot installed redhat 5u7 x86_64 os on UCS, and then mapped 15 volumes to run IO,  os will become kernel panic less then 2 hours.then I have to force power cycle the server.The card used is M81KR.Does anyone what is the problem? Thanks.======...

UCS-B: iSCSI performance with M51KR-B BCM57711 vs Palo M81KR

Cisco pushes M81KR card saying that there's no reason to use anything else. What about systems with iSCSI storage (ESXi boots from local drive, VMs are on iSCSI storage, no iSCSI boot)? Is there any performance advantages to using BCM57711 card? It h...