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HI, I have configured QoS over serial port with a policy-map and it has a class-map for a ACL with precedence critical, do i need it ? is it good ? I have configured IP TCP and RTP header-compresion over the ports. The problem is that one link has a...

Hi all experts,I'm going to buy a NM-HDV2-2T2/E1 module.I'd like to know if I need to add PVDM2-64 module in this card to support 60 simultaneous calls with the highest VoIP compression.Thanks for ur help

feberle by Beginner
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Jan 26 21:54:09.871: %DSPRM-5-SETCODEC: Configured codec 14 is not supported with this dsp image.Jan 26 21:54:16.323: %DSPRM-5-UPDOWN: DSP 7 in slot 1, changed state to upI have this error on Cisco3745 which is configured as voice gateway.Network:Cis...

kumarss77 by Beginner
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Good day everyone,I'm a real newbie with voice-over-ip so I beg for you patience.I have a 827-V router and I'd like to use it for voip.I found a company who offers Voip/Voice conversion so I could receive normal calls through my voip network and make...

Our remote 1750 has FXO connected to PABX. WAN connection via FR. HQ router is 3650 with Call Manager 3.1 all route pattern are in place. And PABX HQ is connected to AS5300 as our gateway to local calls.From the remote side, once they dial a number t...

crisol by Beginner
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Has anyone out there successfully integrated RightFax with Cisco Voip? It's working at our site; however, we constantly have problems. We have been experiencing several problems with inbound and outbound faxes. Issues include: blurred faxes, faxes...

Here is the scenario. We have a customer who has tow routers connected to an ATM cloud via an OC3 interface, and around 200 remote offices connected to the central office via Frame Relay data links (all of then). Recently, our customer implemented Vo...

asantosp by Beginner
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Hello everybody.I need a help.My environment is a Frame-relay Hub and Spoke topology with VoIP, and I have experienced some issues, regarding to packets being dropped or even the bad quality voice.My central router is a 3725 with a 12.3 11T IPVOICE I...

rsoave by Beginner
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I am having problems getting two PGW's, master and slave, into sync, to create a redundant MGC.The master operates correctly with all the gateways but I am not able to synchronize the master and the standby.I have applied all changes into XEfgParms.d...

Hi all -I've been hitting my head on the desk for awhile on this one. I have a 2621XM H.323 voice gateway with a VWIC T1 module connected to the PSTN via CAS. The short of it is, I can SEND calls just fine, but I cannot get the interface to receive c...

jcioara by Beginner
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I can not seem to get my 2821 which is acting as my CME and Gateway to pass off inbound calls. I can make outbound calls. I believe I am having a dial-peer issue.Can anyone help with suggestions, links for sample configs.Thanks in advance,Curt

cgregg by Beginner
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I have a remote office w/ 2 local analog lines that have a 2620 router setup in SRST mode w/ a VIC-2FXO-M1Everything works fine, expect Caller ID. I am using MGCP - not sure if that is a problem or not.Here is my port config and the router debug info...