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I have a SPA525G2, updated with the latest firmware 7.5.4.  I constantly look over and find my phone rebooting, where all the keys are flashing, and on the screen it displays, "Refreshing Voice Component".  I called support and being I was just outsi...

Hello,the UC500 and CCA have a nice interface for configuring the automated voice attendant. Unfortunately the I wasn't able to achieve the following:Whenn a caller calls us at DDI -0 I want the call to be accepted after one ringtone/immediately. If ...

We have a UC560 system setup in shop and we've received a UC320W for testing. When I plug in a SPA509G phone into the UC320W network (did a basic setup on it) and go into the IP phone's web interface (10.1.1.xx) I have a lot more options than when I ...