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   Can a night service code (*299) be assigned to button? I tried creating a Floating Extension with CFAll to *299, but CCA does not allow symbols ( * ) to be entered.The customer would just like ot press a button on their phone (7931) to put system ...

Hi,I just installed scc server and 20 call connector advanced clients at a customer site. Everything worked on the installation.Installed all the licenses ok.I just received the following email from the client:"A number of staff including myself are ...

Hi,I have a UC540 with 7965 phones installed at a client site. The connection is 3 ISDN/BRI channels with Telstra in Melbourne-Australia.The phone system was setup as key system, but we had to reset it, because we had a dis sync between the cli and c...

                   Hi, i have a Jabber customer IPHONE, when i send call to PSTN (FXO), after 19 seconds the call is disconnected, here is the voice history:1302 : 129 15:33:51.499 EDT Sun Sep 16 2012.69 +4180 +23720 pid:77 Originate 87863458871dur 0...

nestorq by Beginner
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                   Hello guys!     When migrating an exisiting CallManager 4 and Unity 4 to a new BE 6000 system, in terms of the exisitng users and voicemail licenses, does it is necessary to add the R-UNIFIED-CMBE6K part number equal to the quantit...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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