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Hello all,         our webvpn portal is deployed in a DMZ scenario, so the webvpn ASA's interface has a private address behind another firewalling gateway; we noticed that a portion of our users do access the portal from within the corporate's networ...

Hi,Most of the documentation I've found on this subject deals with 1 ASA with multiple ISP connections. Here is my scenario - - ASA1 - ISP1 - \                                                 ----- site to site VPN ------ ISP - ASARemot...

Hello,I have an 887 DSL router that I'm trying to set up a VPN to an ASA.  I seem to have a possible hash mismatch in phase 1, am I correct as the debug is huge, however it seems phase 1 completes, but the SA loooks ok to me for phase 2.:ping 10.100....

Andy White by Participant
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I have a situation where I need to create a site-to-site VPN between an ASA 5505 using IOS 7.2 and a Sonicwall NSA4500. The problem arises in that the LAN behind the Cisco ASA has the same subnet as a currently existing VPN created on the Sonicwall. ...

mct234 by Beginner
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Hello, does anyone use Hostscan 3.1.05152 succesfully with anyconnect client? We have upgraded to this version to support actual antivirus versions, and all Windows clients have received Posture assesment failed: Hostscan CSD prelogin verification fa...

exnerd by Beginner
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Hello All I am having an issue setting up two separate tunnels running over a single GRE; is this something that is possible?Would be grateful to have you advice.I am able to ping across the tunnel (120) using the VRF but as soon as i am adding tunne...

Hello:We are currently developing a Java application to manage our Nexus equipments (n5k/2k and n7k) and we are particularly interested in using the XML interface which seems to be the perfect solution to deal with structured data.Did anyone work on ...

Can we limit the bandwith to every VPN? For example I have 10 VPNs running. Can I limit bandwith 64 Kbps to 4 VPNs 256 to other 4 and remaining 2 upto 512 Kbps. If yes then I need ASDM config. VPN box is "ASA 5555" ASDM is 7.0

Adnan Khan by Enthusiast
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Hi,My EZYVPN client config is proper but not working ???? The problem is my tunnel is IDLE and not ACTIVE in client side why????I attached my LAB pic. with this message .....see!version 12.3service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log...

Hi All,I have a Cisco 2970. I have set it up so that I can login to the switch with SSH and the connection is allowed. The error or issue I am having is that I cannot run enable. When I try to run Enable, I get the following result:C2970>enable% Erro...

I have a customer that currently has a Sonicwall that is doing clientless SSL VPN. The customer has a number of CIFS bookmarks that point to CIFS/SMB shares on Mac OS X servers.The customer would like to retire the Sonicwalls and replicate this funct...

I have a CIsco ASA5505 with VPN access.  I had to upgrade the software on the ASA but there was not enough room in flash to hold the images so I tftp'd a bunch of files out of flash to a tftp server and then deleted them from flash.  Upgrade went jus...

Todd Vohs by Beginner
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