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Resolved! Allow only smartphones via anyconnect

Is this possible? The goal being to allow only smartphones/tablets; no laptop full blown os'.If you have the anyconnect essentials and the anyconnect mobile license would it be as simple as issuing the "no anyconnect-essentials" command. According th...

mdelapina by Beginner
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AnyConnect 3.1.04059 behind proxy: "Proxy authentication failed using the supplied credentials"

Hi,We've recently upgraded AnyConnect 3.1.03103 to 3.1.04059. We've also upgraded our ASA from 9.1.1 to 9.1.2. Since this upgrade, I can't seem to connect to AnyConnect while being behind a proxy server anymore. When I'm not behind a proxy server, co...

Error 56 Cisco VPN client 5.0.07

I have just installed the Cisco VPN client on a Windows 7 32 bit machine. I am getting error 56: The Cisco VPN Service has not been started..." error.The service is started. I also checked the Internet Connection Sharing service, which was identified...

Anyconnect SSL - Unable to get DHCP Options

Hey everyone,We are using a Cisco Anyconnect SSL solution to remotly access our corporate network. We are using the DHCP servers of our company to deliver IP adresses to the remote users. They are Windows DHCP servers.After some tests, we have notice...

Resolved! ASA site to site VPN and SSL VPN

Hi,Already configured site to site vpn for two sites. Now I trying to configure remote access vpn to one site.But I start config some command as below for remote access vpn, the existing site to site vpn auto disconnected.no crypto ipsec transform-se...

aung.htwe by Beginner
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OSPF stuck in INIT over GRE tunnel with IPsec

Hi there, Im having problems re-establishing ospf adj over a GRE tunnel as soon as I apply any ipsec configuration onto it.. Ive seen a few threads covering similar problems but not found a solution yet.. When the tunnel is set up without any ipsec c...

jonmo2578 by Beginner
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Resolved! Anyconnect VPN Basic Query

I have two queries with regards to Anyconnect VPN in ASDM.VPN Wizard --> Anyconnect VPN Wizard --> VPN Protocolsa) SSL, anyconnect will use SSL and I only need to allows 443 port to the ASA right?With SSL, can I use SBL feature?b) IPSec, anyconnect w...

avilt by Participant
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Routing between two heterogenous S2S VPNs

Hi,We currently have a situation where we have a S2S VPN between an ASA 5505 at Site A and an ASA 5510 at Site B, and then we have a second S2S VPN between a Symantec SGS 5420 at Site A and a Symantec SGS 1600 at Site C. So Site A is the "hub" of the...

isa by Beginner
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Resolved! Site to Site to Site VPN

Hi all,I'm new to VPNs so bare with me...We have 2 sites, 1 in the Philipines (5505) and one in New Zealand (5515) which are connected via VPN. This works fine. We also have a VPN from the 5515 to Microsoft Azure.What we need to do is allow connectio...

a.farnell by Beginner
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Site to site vpn and remote access vpn

Hi guysI really need help with a problem.I have a site to site VPN between a ASA 5512 and a Cisco router 871. This is working fine.The problem is when i connect to the router with the cisco vpn client! The client connects and present me the right net...

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