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Resolved! VPN Split-Tunneling not working

Hello,First off - thanks to all who post here.  I often browse the forums and search for help on here and its very useful, so a great pat on the back for everyone who contributes.  My first time posting so here goes.....I have my ASA 5505 v8.2 config...

Lemon Lime by Beginner
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ASA 5505 Root CA Import fail

I am trying to import my root CA on to my firewall.When I import I get an error:INFO Certificate has the following attributes                       :Finger Print: cnalijfa09erdio%Error in saving certificate: status = FAILI'm not sure what is wrong. T...

Mutli DNS over IPSec

Hi,We have an issue with one of our users using IPSec.We have 2 DNS register in IPSec settings and for one user we have set enableLocalLan to 1 ( to keep  access to his home printer ).This user need to access an intranet application.But sometimes (we...

Resolved! IPsec VPN 20% Packet Loss

Hallo All,I have problem with my IPsec VPN between Cisco1841 am OpenBSD Server.Sice today 4:00 am the VPN has about 20% packet loss and all comunication between this sites are blocked. Before this it worked for about 2 years without problems and we c...

Resolved! How to add LDAP with group settings

I have created an OU=Company, under that OU anouther OU=VPNACCESS, under that group called VPN. I want users only under this particualr group (VPN) to authenticate. However this is not happening. All users under OU=Company are able to authenticate.My...

Resolved! Cisco ASA Anyconnect Web Portal Redirect

How can I have my ASA Anyconnect web portal redirect to https? The problem is that unless the user types https:// they cant resolve the page. I need the ability to redirect something like vpn.domain.com to https://vnp.domain.com in the users browser....

IPSEC VPN Client authentication timeout

Hi,I have Cisco ASA5520 Firewall, configured with IPSEC VPN for remote access client. ASA authenticate with SMS-Gateway which integrated with Radius server. Things are working fine. Users key in username and password, ASA password the info to SMS-Gat...

limlayhin by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN Connects but unable to access internal devices

Thank you in advance for any assistance that can be provided.I am using AnyConnect to create a VPN with an ASA 5505.  Once connected, the client needs to access a device behind a 1941 router.Internally, (not using VPN), all my routing is working corr...

GETVPN: Cisco 3925E as a Key Server for 1500 GMs

Hi,In a MPLS-VPN scenario as a private network for a client, they want to encrypt all their data traffic. GETVPN is the chosen encryption solution. They have 1500 branch offices, and 2 CPDs. We plan to use two Cisco 3925E as Key Servers, one in each ...

jcorcuera by Beginner
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Cisco VPN Client v5.x

Hi All,     can i use this model of router and make remote PC that have Cisco VPN Client v5.x connected to this router through internet. the purpose is to let this PC that have Cisco ip communicator and Cisco VPN client connect to the C2921-VSEC/K9is...

How to configure route over ipsec

                   I have a question, Three site A,B,C  Now A and B connect with ipsec, and,B and C connect with ipsec, I want C connect A though ipsec between B and C,I don't know how to configure. Help!!!                   I know we can build ipsec...

chao feng by Beginner
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Traceback during vpn user login with certificate

HI All,We have Cisco ASA5520 with firmware version 8.2.2.Where we are facing issue with authentication, whenever a vpn user logs in ASA generates traceback this is only happening when ceritficate based authentication is used. This traceback not causi...

Resolved! Configure multiple IPSec VPNs between Cisco routers

I'd like to create multiple ipsec VPNs between 3 routers. Before applying i'd like verification on the config i've written to see if this will work. This is just the configuration on RouterA for the VPNs to RouterB and RouterC.As you can only apply o...

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