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Resolved! GRE Tunneling Basics

Hi,I have few doubts regarding GRE basics:LAN1------------R1----------R2-----------R3-----------LAN3                                             |                                             |                                        LAN2R1-----interfa...

run a program with anyconnect client

I am using anyconnect client 2.3.2016.  I am wanting to know if i can run a program(specifically a login script)automatically upon vpn startup.  I am needing to run this client due to application reasons. 

mialbert by Beginner
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Resolved! Site to Site VPN -> DMZ

Good evening, First time poster, long time reader of these forums. I should probably stop to say thanks for all the advice I've managed to leech from the various comments that have been posted - thanks!My problem is getting to the stage of being a li...

Resolved! VPN failover between ASA's

I am doing a research looking for the best solution for a failover between two ASA and was hoping someone would like to point me in the right direction.The situation is as follows, we have got:- 2 Headquarters:Each is equiped with an ASA 5505- 10 Bra...

Regarding pre-shared key management on router

Hi Team,I would like to know about pre-shared key configured on router.While configuring site-to-eite VPN on two routers we are using pre-shared keys.Now we are configuring manually keys on both routers statically.Can we use any router as key managem...

vaishalin by Beginner
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VPN client customization 5.x

Hello,I've looked all over the place for the MST files to customize the version 5.x and its manual but i could not find them. Has anyone done the customization on the client 5.x ? Regards

Site-2-Site VPN with Linksys in one end?

HiToday i'm running with an ASA 5510 at the HQ and a ASA 5505 at my home address with a site-2-site VPN connection.I'm only using the 5505 to hold this site-2-site VPN so it's a bit overkill.I would like a router at my home with build in access point...

Resolved! Changing the Server IP in a ASA 5505?

                   Hi everyone, I know know nothing about cisco devices. Just wanted to get that out there. I recently came to a job that has a 5505 setup as the network gateway, and as a vpn for employees to work from home via the Cisco VPN remote c...

imtwTech1 by Beginner
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Cisco AnyConnect Client stops internet connectivity

Hi Guys,We have Cisco AnyConnect installed on many computers and is working perfectly fine. Recently I installed Cisco AnyConnect client version 3.0.0629 on a new workstation and I get the follwing error message:'No valid certificates available for a...

JDMJeffy84 by Beginner
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