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We have a RRAS server on the inside. When the client from outside tries to connect it is unable to. I tried to capture packets and below are the results. Not sure how to understand it.RRAS server IP: natted IP for RRAS:

Hi to all.i want make IPSec VPN between 2 site , the 2 site connect to Internet via dialer interface , and the both site on the same range of IP and same subnet Mask ( - , both site have this NATip nat inside source list NAT_AC...

Hi Everyone,I'm trying to setup a very basic EasyVPN from my ASA 5505 (home/client) and ASA 5520 (work/server/ IP Everytime when I enable 'Easy VPN Remote' on my ASA5505, my home PC get disconnected from the internet.My ASA5505 client ...

hi all,i'm reviewing for my CCNA Security and currently at the VPN topic. initially, i had the router's ACL to permit their respective subnet and connectivity on both routers were ok.R1(config)#access-list 110 permit ip 0....

Hi Guys,Recently I've installed this particular cisco ASA5510 at a client site (Head office), along with remote access VPN setup. All most 32 branches(one user from each branch) connect to the head office via remote access vpn. Further I've used the ...

Hi,I had a pix that had two working tunnels going to one 5510 and one 5520. Today the VPN tunnel to our 5520 stopped working but if I do sh cry isa sa both tunnels have QM_IDLE as the state. (both ends) I tried to debug crypto isakmp 255 but all I ge...

Buenos dias a todos,tengo un inconveniente en estos momento quiero una hacer una vpn any-to-any es decir que cuando cualquier origen salga a cualquier destino pase por la vpn.¿Se puede hacer esto? si es que es si ¿como puedo hacerlo?gracias de antema...

Can anyone recommend any small console server units with inbuilt 3G/GSM cellular router/modem?Looking to setup a kit which can be sent out to a site to provide remote console access to equipment onsite incase of failure or hardware issues. Looking fo...

da.newman by Level 1
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I'm very new to cisco devices but we recently acquired a catalyst 2911 device for our co-lo cabinet and I am trying to get a site-to-site vpn connection working between the facility and my offices network as well as a remote access VPN for me to use ...

mkennedy by Level 1
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I am attempting to install a 512 MB Cisco COmpact Flash for an ASA 5520.  We have inserted the compact flash but when we do a DIR, it does not show.  even as an unformatted device.  What do we need to do to make this a usable CF?  Do I just need to r...

dpatkins by Level 1
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