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Hi, Is there a way I can configure a remote access VPN on a Cisco 5505 using digital certs instead of pre-shared key.  I dont want to use a 3rd party CA, can the ASA perform this role? with a self signed cert?Thanks

Well guys getting futher along using cisco client  trying to connect to my cisco 851 vpn to access my windows 2003 domain serversMyRouter#show crypto isakmp saIPv4 Crypto ISAKMP SAdst             src             state          conn-id slo...

Hello everyone,I have been tasked with finding out if there is a way of enabling Start Before Logon for our VPN users.  I see that it is possible using AnyConnect but we are actually using ipsec.  We have users on both XP and Windows 7 but all should...

barker2424 by Beginner
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Resolved! asa accounting

Hello guys,I would like to kindly ask if somebody can give me a advice on following situation:I'm playing with Asa device in version 8.2(5). I setup it with freeradius and mysql. I try do accounting with asa:My setup:ASA configuration for accounting:...

Hi.We have a customer who has two ISPs for redundance. We have placed a Cisco ASA 5505 (running 8.4(2)8) at the customer site. In our data center, we have a Cisco ASA 5520 (running 8.2(5)13).Please see the attached image.The ASA 5505 supports Dual IS...

I am having an issue were my VPN client stops responding twice after being atarted and the returns a 427 error code. I know the login works because I have tried it on another computer. The computer is a windows XP machine and the VPN client is 5.0.07...

bottinger by Beginner
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We are about to purchase an ASA 5510 Base K9 where I will have around 50 Remote Access IPSec Users connected . This will work fine however we have couple of non-PC devices which are IPAD OS 4 , BlackBerry Bold/Curv , HTC Android mobiles . I want to ...

I have 5 remote sites that are all connected to the internet via diffrent ISPs. My plan was to make a L2L VPN tunnels on each ASA going to the other sites (4 tunnels on each ASA). I was wondering if this is the best way of going about this or if I sh...

jgeorge by Beginner
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I have a site to site tunnel between two 5520 ASAs.  Tunnel is up but when I try to talk to the other side, the implicit deny on the inside interface of the local ASA blocks the traffic.  When I ping, the tunnel comes up but in the logs it says it is...

BHPCI_2 by Beginner
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Guys,I've just added a external server ip address to go through our vpn tunnel and then out the remote site internet connection.How can I check that this is the path the packet is taking?If I do a tracert then I can't see the path?Thanks

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