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Hello All,I have setup AAA on my primary ASA and i am able to login using my TACACS account (no issue) however, when i try to access my standby ASA using the same TACACS credential i am getting "access denied". I have to use my local account for the ...

loyoung by Beginner
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What's the best way to set up an RSA primary and replica setup on ASAs?  We currently have a AAA server setup for the RSA primary.  Should I add the Replica to the same group?  or is it better to create a second AAA server?

wngwngwng by Beginner
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Probably a stupid question, but if you connfigure a Cisco VoIP phone for SSL VPN, does it provide VPN connectivity to the switch port on the back of the phone?Would a laptop connected to it get corporate access?

Hello all,I´ve been looking around how to solve this for a while but no success... the thing is I set up a vpn remote access using an ASA 5505 which i connect to using a vpn client ... when the vpn is set up i can ping from the vpn client to the insi...

adavila03 by Beginner
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I am trying to connect together 2 medium - large networks using a nat'd vpn connection. Both networks have several hundred subnets with numerous overlapping subnets. One of the subnets on my end includes a connection to an AS400 on a private network ...

Me ----(*.*.150.145) R1(*.*.150.21)=====IPsec=======(*.*.90.94)R2(*.*.90.92)---(Router(*.*.90.49))-Server.C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.>tracert *.*.60.31Tracing route to *.*.60.31]over a maximum of 30 hops:  1    32 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  x...

hanwucisco by Beginner
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HelloHave an issue getting aaa radius to work, when surfing in to the firewall and logging in the local database is always used. At the same time we got an Cisco Easy VPN on this firewall that uses radius authentication without any problems at all. I...

Hello,Im having problems to load a VPN site to site between Cisco Asa 5510 and 5505. In the 5510 i already have 2 VPNs up and running to others sites (both with Asa 5510). But this one dont even start the phase 1.Of course i have internet access in b...

Hi ...Pls, I need some help.I'm trying to configure a router 7606S with SPA-IPSEC-2G for EzVPN but I have no idea about how.I was reading some examples in SPa and 7606 documentation but with the current configuration in our router I don't know how to...

guigonza by Beginner
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I am trying to understand a sentence,One of the results of using the same routing protocol process for routing and outside and inside the vpn tunnel is that spoke routers will able to dynamically learn routes to peer networks.Q1. What does "the same ...

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