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'DMVPN with HSRP/IPSEC stateful switchover'Hello all. Is this possible? When using a direct IPSEC LAN to LAN you have a crypto map and when attaching the crypto map to the tunnel source interface, you configure 'crypto map <name> redundancy <name of ...

west33637 by Beginner
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Hi all,Could you tell me whether it is possible to use EAP-TLS and RADIUS (FreeRADIUS) to authenticate users connecting to VPN by Cisco VPN Client?Thanks all

topsecret by Beginner
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Our enterprise uses a VPN Concentrator 3000 for our VPN access. Is there a way to view a log history of what user connected to VPN and what IP address they were assigned?  It would be for 2 days ago which was over the weekend.Thanks.

fasteddye by Beginner
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Hello, everyone, I'm needing establish an Tunnel VPN between VPN 3000 and an Linux machine with Red-Hat Enterprise 5.5.I'm  thinking to use the Cisco VPN Client but I can't download from Cisco web site with my account in Cisco ( I don't have privileg...

i need to design a site-to-site VPN and VPN for remote users. I have attach a drawing, need to know if this is good setup. Mostly my concern is security.Im using ASA5520 for edge firewall and Linux firewalls are for additional security.I have to crea...

cisco.bml by Beginner
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Hi,Does anybody have a VPN support template?My company has VPN setup with various company's, I have been assigned to get support document together and detail the information.I have never done this before, just wondering if anyone has done this kind o...

I have two inter-related questions. My first issue deals with VPN's using the same network address range. For example I have a ASA that is going to connect to two seperate remote sites, except both sites are using a network. On one site ...

seanwaite by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hi,we have ASA5510 with version 7.x and asdm 5.X, i upgraded it to 8.3 and asdm 6.2, and i got vpn peers 250 and 2 ssl.when i try to connect through client software , i can see in the logs UDP 500 port is created as shown below.no other things are go...

rafat0426 by Beginner
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