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C7206 IPSEC – Very high CP Utilization w/VAM2+

Please Advise. C7206 (C7200P-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3) Problem – IPSEC causing very high CP Utilization: Global Statistics-----------------5 sec CPU util 93%/92% Timestamp 3w3dQueue Statistics----------------     ...


Hello,I have no idea why my Cisco EZVPN is not working.  I have used a very similar config before and it worked just fine.  I am using a Cisco 1751V running c1700-adventerprisek9-mz.124-25c IOS.  I have tried just about every combo if crypto and hash...

Anthony W. by Beginner
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Hi All;Can I understand that HMAC is one of the method to implement the (Authentication Header AH) and (Encapsulation Security Payload) ESP?When to use Authentication Header (AH) and when to use Encapsulation Security Payload (ESP)?Can we use 3DES or...

Site-to-Site Tunnel Drops intermittingly

I currently have seven site-to-site VPN's configured.  With the exception of the 1 that I can control both sides of, they all drop intermitingly.To simplify this question I want to focus on one of these tunnels.My side is an ASA5520.The other side is...

dprice by Beginner
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APCF for rewriting the user agent

HiDoes anybody have a clear documentation on writing APCF files?I'm trying to write an APCF which rewrites Internet Explorer user agent strings to something differently, so that the ASA does not try to run ActiveX controls at all. At the moment the A...

Blocking access from iPhones to Cisco VPN/ASA

HiIs it possible to recognize and block iphone userss (using IPSEC VPN Client) from accessing corporate VPN ? We have a typical setup of multple ASAs, cluster, for different types of groups. Corporate support is for desktops with installed cisco vpn ...

arathyram by Beginner
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Webvpn plug-in now shown in ASDM.. but appears in CLI

Hi All,need some help on this. on the ASDM, im unable to view the those RDP uploaded (RDP) thus unable to create bookmark items with RDP:// url types.Those previous bookmarks i have created are still working fine, therefore i'm sure that RDP is worki...

smart5 by Beginner
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EZ VPN documentation

Hello,Can you please provide me some GOOD documentation about EZ VPN configuration, step by step, etc ?Thanks

allanc16 by Beginner
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ACS AAA problem with VPN

I am having a problem with trying to prevent access from particular users trying to come in via VPN.  We have ACS 4.2.0 build 124 patch 4 serving as a link between our ASA's and MS AD.  The users are supposed to be able to be in the RAS Group which i...

Resolved! VPN Setup

First off I am trying to Remotely connect a user to the Insider Server directory at my company and Need to use the VPN.  We have a PIX 501 Version 6.3(5), PDM Version 3.0(4).  It was originally set up by a 3rd party that we hired to get the entire Se...

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