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Hi,I am trying to establish a GER / IPSec VPN connection between two routers. One the VPN end is behind a ASA firewall. I would like to allow the GRE / IPSec VPN packets through the firewall.i have allowed the following following ports through firewa...

Hi,Is it possible to run remote IPSEC and SSL VPN (clientless or anycoonet client) while ASA in Transparent mode?All NAT/PAT is on Router before the ASA.If yes,Any config example would be appriciated.reg,Sushil

sushil by Level 1
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I have one windows 7 PC that is able to connect and authenticate, but cannot ping any host on the remote network.Any help is appreciated, I have been unable to generate a deny msgs from any ping/tracert or rdp connections.My sh run.cerberus(config)# ...

What governs the limit of file size that can be uploaded to a network via ASA clientless web vpn upload function? Testing it I see it works fine with small files.  But I was trying to upload a large file - 12GB and the screen justseemed to go blank a...

mmedwid by Level 3
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Resolved! CSCtd87060

Hello,we are planning to upgrade some 2800 series routers to a newer software version (now 12.4.20T4) because of this bug.Today it seems to be a serious security problem to run java prior 1.6.0u17.I'm planning to either jump to 15.0.1M2 or stay at th...

Hi All,When the ASA suports below encryptions...TEST-ASA(config-isakmp-policy)# encryption ?crypto-isakmp-policy mode commands/options:   3des        3des encryption  aes          aes-128 encryption  aes-192    aes-192 encryption  aes-256    aes-256 ...

Hi,I have a question with regaurd to the IOS ZFW. I have a 3 node netwrok that are all communicating via VPN, 1 HQ and two Branches. I configured teh ZFW on the HQ router. I have used the CCP to configure the ZFW and have configured it manually from ...

We have an ASA 5550.  We need to install Host Explorer software on each computer so that the users can do payroll on the Mainframe.  Is it possible to setup this software on the Cisco Secure Desktop using SSL client so that we do not need to install ...

Hi,Why does my ASDM access get cut off when i turn on EasyVPN in client mode on the ASA 5505?I can access with console, but no longer with ASDM.Have not tested SSH/Telnet, although im guessing that wont work either.Why does it get cut off and what ca...

StanDamen by Level 1
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