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I am trying to configure web based VPN on my cisco 2811 router, I am currently running Ipsec vpn on it,, remote users connect to this router via cisco vpn client and use server resources,I am not interested in SDM configuration,,, command line config...

junshah22 by Beginner
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I have a working VPN tunnel between an ASA 5510 and a 1841 Router. I am having an issue with RDP connections dropping. I will get an initial connection, then it will drop after I start to enter the credentials (5 or so seconds). It takes 30 or so ...

tsimpson by Beginner
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I need to terminate 13 site to site vpn connections. 12 of them have T1 connection and 1 has a T3 connection. Will a 2811 router with the vpn bundle be enough to support the site to stie tunnels?

Hi. I have a remote site who's l2l vpn connection is dropping every few days (remote site uses pix 501 (6.3), head office use asa 5510 (v7). The only way I've found to re-establish the connection is to reboot the 501. The ISP have diagnosed a faulty ...

i have these error while doing remote vpn to my network: Aug 06 12:18:59 [IKEv1]: Phase 1 failure: Mismatched attribute types for class Group Description: Rcv'd: Group 1 Cfg'd: Group 2Attempt to get Phase 1 ID data failed while constructing ID

Hi,I am looking for S2S VPN redundancy solutions, 1.Can we have same crypto map applied on two different interfaces which are connected to different service providers.2. Can i use the same crypto ACL for two VPN peers.

Hi,I installed the VPN Client and could not get it to work. I removed the application and tried to install a leter version but constanytly receive an error message that the computer needs to be rebooted after the deinstallation of a previous version....

wcrolle by Beginner
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Does anyone have a working firewall config for an 871 router with SSL VPN that allows remote VPN users connecting with the SSL full tunnel svc to access everything on the office lan while also allowing local users full access to the internet. So far ...

mhdacegan by Beginner
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Hi experts, I found my L2L setting which configuration between VPN concentrator and Pix has intermittent ping timeout (20% ping timeout) problem.I have.Here is the network topology: <=> VPN Concentrator <=> Internet <=> PIX <=>

hfma_hk09 by Beginner
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Hello, I have a AAA server configured on my ASA5540 which shows as being in FAILED status right now. The AAA server in question is an ACS 4.2 SE with the remote agent running on a windows server. There was a problem where the RA did loose connectiv...

Here is the config:service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname 2801CCME!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!no logging buffered!no aaa new-modelmemory-size iomem 5ip cef!!!!ip auth-pr...

Hello everyone,Is it possible to create a site to site VPN tunnel between 2 ASA5505s and then create a Remote VPN server on one of them so that remote VPN users can connect to the LAN at the other end of the tunnel (local net access will I imagine be...

sjcalba by Beginner
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