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Hi AllI need some assistance in finding out why I get "Callback not authorized for this user mrx" when debugging ppp negotiation.I am trying to get the callback working from the local credentials for now.Here is the config any feedback would be great...

6rdold by Beginner
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Good evening I would know the correct command syntax to make the old command which I used with ver.6.3With ver.6.3 I used:pix#debug packet outside src remote_ip_address netmask dst my_ip_address netmask proto tcp sport any...

sercopi by Beginner
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our critical router shows RTO's n heavy latency in every 15 minutes ,the critical time when our result is brodcasted to all destinations. after that every thing goes normal.am i under attack . then how can i check it & prevent such DOS attack.

I was told to enter this command on my PIXs if I was running MS live communications Server. My question is if this will affect my VOIP users in other offices connected via box-to-box VPN? If so what could/will happen?

Hi,I have two ISDN routers, both having the BRI ports.On my router, ports are configured as follows:interface BRI0 bandwidth 128 no ip address encapsulation ppp dialer pool-member 1 isdn switch-type basic-net3 no cdp enable!interface BRI1 bandwidth 1...

Hi All,I hav econfigured for a VPN Connection on a Pix 506E. This Pix sits within a Network so traffic is Nat'd out to a Public IP address and Internet. When I try to establish a VPN the ISAKMP Phase 1 is rejected because the Peer is set to the local...

Hello Experts, I have a simple doubt for you :-)I have a topology where 2 routers are connecting via VPN to my Central Router.I need to implement QOS for video on my Spoke (external) routers.After some research I found the configuration that goes som...

Hi;i need to let one of my internal clients to establish a VPN tunnel to outside using cisco VPN client.my clients reside behind a PIX firewall.what should i do?what ports and acccess list needed to be configured ?Thanks

w_basheer by Beginner
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Hi All,I would like to thank you for your help and your support.However, I am going to implement NAT solution inside my organization with 3 goals:-1- Allow 2 Internal users ( CEO & VP ) to access Internet [using Static], using 2 Real IP assigned fro...

mmtantawi by Beginner
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