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I have created an IPSec tunnel between Cisco ASA 5520 in DC and Aruba Virtual Gateway in AWS. NAT-T is enabled on both sides. The tunnel is up. Cisco local network in which is the Gig0/1 interface. Aruba network is I c...


I am trying to establish an IPSec tunnel with a coustmer router but it fails. When I run a debug I can see below error message in the customer side. *Sep 21 15:53:47.528 UTC: map_db_find_best did not find matching map*Sep 21 15:53:47.530 UTC: %CRYPTO...

supunit21 by Level 1
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I try to set up a client-to-site VPN, 3rd party client with RV345P, FW Certificates are used for authentication. Same certificate is used (for testing) on both sides having subject CN=vpn.company.com. Signing CA is uploaded to RV345 and ins...

Hi everyone,I am using an RV340W at work and try to remote from home back to the office. I have discovered an issue is that I can remote my computer at work nicely without any issue. However, I cannot connect to my QNAP NAS to access the folder throu...

We are planning to upgrade our AC clients, for the first time, by using the ASA headend (4.9.0195 webdeploy package) for Windows. Question is, can I specify that the new image only be used by a specific group-policy before making it available to ever...

Hi Team,Without the isakmp and ipsec , my dmvpn tunnels are up and working absolutely fine.Once I apply the isakmp and ipsec configs, dmvpn tunnels do not come up.EIGRP 99 used over DMVPN breaks. Can you please help Configs used:ip vrf externalrd 69:...

andags by Level 1
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Dear Team,I have post my current ASA configuration I have able to take IP ( through L2tp VPN but unable to reachable by LAN network (10.84.35.X & some one help me if any idea.  ciscoasa# show run: Saved:: Serial Number:...

sachinc01 by Level 1
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Hi, I have a Csco ASA 5506. Users cannot login to the SSL VPN Service portal. They get the error "Login Failed".I am recieving the same issue and can confirm that the username and password is correct.In the logs I see the following:AAA user authentic...

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