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Hi All,I'm in the process of designing a VPN between our company and a client where I want the client to be able to access one of our databases sitting behind a Cisco 1720Q1 - Does the client need to make any changes on their side to be able to acces...

I am trying to upgrade the activation key on our PIX 515 Version 6.0. Documentation is confusing, do I need to tftp new image, or can I preserve present configuration (cut and paste)? If I need to reinstall image , how and where would I get the new i...

hbartz by Level 1
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I have a pix 515. I have a "work at home" user who is currently using RAS. Can this "work at home" user make use of a VPN client to establish connectivity to my network through my PIX 515? If so, please provide me with info on how to get this done....

We are running a Cisco VPN 3000 behind a FW-1 running NAT. We want to connect PDA devices using the movian client to the VPN concentrator but are recieving bad IP error messages on the PDA. It is possible to establish a VPN using the cisco PC based...

Has anyone ever had any problems running Windows logon scripts over PIX to concentrator LAN to LAN connection? It seems that some of my Windows 98 users are having to login three or four times to get a script that maps drives over the VPN.If I log t...

Anyone know how I can program my Pix515 so that when I connect using my 3.5 client I can access my DMZ?Example network: Outside192.168.2.1 DMZ192.168.1.1 InsideI can access the 1.1 network fine but cannot get to the 2.1 network. My ippool is ...

exigent by Level 1
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I have a LAN to LAN VPN tunnel already running in a Cisco router and I want to configure one more LAN to LAN Tunnel. How can i do that? if i configure crypto map in serial interface its taking only one map??How can i do this? Can you give me some lin...

nmgopi by Level 1
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I have an office in India that is trying to access the corporate lan in the us via vpn. the clients are behind a 2600 router and are able to establish the connection to the vpn concentrator. they are given an IP address and I can see them in the lo...

bigrut by Level 1
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I can set up a VPN from Cisco VPNClient3.0 to PIX506 v6.0(1) and then telnet to a UNIX host on, but I cannot get a logon dialog to the WindowsNT Server on The UNIX, NT Server, and PIX inside interface are all on the same LAN 1...

mburnford by Level 1
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I've got a PIX 515 configured with VPN and am using the 3.1 VPN client to access it. I figured out how to set the WINS, DNS, default domain and everything works great (to a point). The client comes up before the login, it connects, I log into the d...

t-perkins by Level 1
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Can anyone decipher the debug output I get from the router in a router to PIX IPSec tunnel setup?I can't find examples of this output anywhere on Cisco's web site.Debug output follows, the bit I need help with is the last four lines right at the end ...

J.BROWN by Level 1
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We are considering the implementation of a VPN on our current network configuration. I was reviewing the articles on how a VPN works and had a few questions for anyone that can provide me with some direction. We are a small company that would like ...

simmy711 by Level 1
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Can someone give me an example on how to geta dynamic routing protocol such as RIP to beused instead of static routes? I have lookedand all I could find was to use a GRE in IPSec.Can't I do it over IPSec.Also, if I can use RIP, do I still have to us...