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L2l Failure - Packet is missing KE payload

I have a site to site tunnel between an ASA5525x and the other side I believe is either Watchguard or Sonicwall, it is a device outside of our management. This has happened once before where the tunnel just fails. I am assuming that KE is key exchang...

Resolved! VPN Site to Site

hi,   i had a serious discussion with some technical folks regarding the Site-to-Site VPN parameter. and the scenario was, a site to Site VPN tunnel is implemented between Site-A and Site-B. if the interesting traffic is not matching, whether the tun...

Site-to-Site IKEv2 VPN - Multiple Tunnels

Hello all We are currently setting up a number of Site-to-site IKEv2 VPN tunnels between our data centres using ASR 1002-X routers. We are doing the following: - Using RSA certificates for authentication - Each IPsec-protected tunnel is in its own u...

OID (MIB) for ASA client and site-to-site sessions

Hi,I'm have trying to find the correct OID to display current site-to-site session on our ASA. I have the OID to disply the total number of VPN's (Client and site-to-site) and the OID for just clients, but can't find one to display just the site-to-...

whiteford by Beginner
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Cisco AnyConnect VPN - mus.cisco.com Traffic

We are currently using Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on Win10 machines for remote access and Cisco ISE providing 802.1x services on the LAN. The problem we are seeing is the Win10 Cisco AnyConnect clients are creating lots of connections to mus.cisco.c...

jimbo_01 by Beginner
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Force Anyconnect to connect after windows login

Hi,   Can any one help me to find out how to Force Anyconnect to connect  automatically after windows login using xml profile and certificate authentication ?   the action should be completly transparent to enduser .   thank you in advance    regards...

sam cook by Beginner
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Resolved! anyconnect client profile configuration

I All,   i have a problem to configure my any-connect vpn remote access. there is my router when i try it show connection attempt has timed out please verify internet connectivity. I'm able to ping my outside interface from outside Cisco router 1001-...

DAK007 by Beginner
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dmvpn - PSK to Certificate

Hi All We have around 150 dmvpn+ipsec tunnels to a hub. There are multiple hubs in different clouds. for eg spoke 1 ------ tunnel 1 ----- hub 1 ------- tunnel 2 ------- hub 2 (failover) In this setup.. if hub 1 ipsec policy is converted from PSK t...

ASA no longer attempting to get Kerberos tickets

I have an ASA 5512-X that I have configured to use Constrained Delegation with my Windows 2012 domain and it worked for about a day. Now when I attempt to use the clientless VPN to access an internal website that requires a Kerberos ticket it causes ...

Chris R by Beginner
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Resolved! FTD and AnyConnect PreConnect message

Wondering where to put the pre-login messages with AnyConnect and FTD.  Using FMC to manage - I can create a profile with the standalone editor and attach to the group policy, but that doesn't give me the ability that the ASDM did with Anyconnect cus...

sjones52 by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple certificates on ASA

I have a need to have different certificates for different connection types on an ASA.  One certificate for SSL AnyConnect connections and another certificate for clientless SSL connections.  I was able to install the two certificates on the ASA.  Bu...

Brian Koch by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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