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Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some guidance / help.   What I want to achieve is to be able to access my TS from the web so I can log into my lab.    I have hooked up the 2511 to my home router (to link archer vr2800) yet the router does not ...

djraw85 by Level 1
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Hi Experts.I need your advices.Before writing here, I've investigated hours on this issue but no success.Site-to-Site VPN is configured Hub and Spokes(not DMVPN). Except 1 spoke, all of others works properly through VPN tunnel.Exception is that every...

HHeydarov by Level 1
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My company in the US uses Anyconnect VPN to access company drive outside of the office. I’m traveling to mainland China where there’s firewall, will my VPN still work there for me to access google/company drive information? Thank you!!

SP0606 by Level 1
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Hello,we want to migrate ASA to a failover cluster, but we must delete the local CA, because it is not supported there. What CA do you use in such scenario for managing users and their certs? We tried MS AD CA, which worked fine for Identity certific...

lkovar by Level 1
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Hi everyone I hope someone can point me in the right direction here...I've been going around in circles with connectivity issues between two parties who want traffic to pass through a VPN tunnel via a Cisco ASA.  Please see attached - in summary, rou...

I have inherited an environment which relies on several Cisco ASAs to allow multiple sites to connect to our HQ. I am trying to connect a 5506 to a 5516. Today, our ISP moved one branch over to a new IP range. I have updated the ASA with the new IP r...

Matt87 by Level 1
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Hello All,I am a college student, and the university requires the use of AnyConnect VPN when remotely connecting.When I try to connect via wifi using my Apple Airport Extreme router, I get this message "unable to connect to connCould not connect to s...

kbm by Level 1
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Hi,   I have an IKEv2 site to site VPN on real tin and modelled in GNS3.   Router A is the CA and also a peer and Router B is the other peer.  I am using static VTI and manually authenticating and enrolling to obtain the certificates used in the VPN....

pack41 by Level 1
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