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Just wondering if anyone could help out with this...We currently have multiple VPNs in use on an ASA and are looking to add a new one. We would like the new one to NAT whilst it goes over the new tunnel (none of the others do). Is there a way of mapp...

m.s.rees1 by Beginner
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I Have cisco 1921/K9 router just need to confirm that said device supported for below parameters to crate IPsec tunnel,IKEV2 & Sha 256I have run below commands and got the output as well #show crypto ipsec transform-setTransform set default: { esp-ae...

Hi, I have a cisco ASA5505 branch and configured with site-to-site VPN with ASA5512 HQ, VPN is teardown and it is not coming up active after a system crash. When I issue "no crypto ikev1 enable outside" it showing "ERROR: CTM ipsec poll ctl DU_IOCTL_...

Hi Team:Am currently deploying some FTD 1120 in redundancy mode but am having some issues with anyconnect. Currently am able to browse the net but I cannot access my internal nodes that I want to access via the tunnel. I can see my anyconnect profile...

jebanks by Beginner
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I got problem to establish tunnel. All the configuration already same. key, encryption, group. Debug is on branch. ===Debug=== ISAKMP: (0):purging SA., sa=113F068C, delme=113F068CISAKMP-PAK: (1009):received packet from x.x.x.x dport 500 sport 500 Glo...

We have some routers running Hub and Spoke DMVPN. Currently, we use the below ACL inbound on the Internet facing interface to secure the interface and allow only DMVPN. We have a mandate to migrate from IKEv1 to IKEv2. Will the ACL still be valid? If...

Hi. I deployed a simple DMVPN setup with 1 Hub and 2 Spokes. I am running OSPF. Looks like, unlike EIGRP, OSPF doesn't use split-horizon to prevent Spoke routes from being advertised to other spokes.  What is the most straight-forward way to prevent ...


 Hello, I'm getting an error like that every time trying to connect to the VPN using IPV4, from my home wifi/wired network. I contacted my ISP we did several tracerts and seems like it the problem is not within ISP. How to fix that? On my client's co...

331571277_598912271749207_3556960538005093729_n (1).png
daninho16 by Beginner
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HelloAfter updating the hostscan files ont the ASA, i had VPN connection problems.We upgraded from version 4.10.05111 to 4.10.066090ASA version : 9.16(4)14After connecting to the portal via the any connect client, the connection window appears. We ha...

abtt-39 by Beginner
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I am trying to setup our RAVPN to use the management tunnel. I followed the directions found here.Configure SSL AnyConnect Management VPN on FTD - CiscoWhen I try to connect I get "No valid certificates available for authentication". I am wondering i...

gcook0001 by Beginner
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Hello Cisco community.I have a strange issue when using BVI on an ASA 5506 X. Here is a picture of the current network. I have two interfaces on BVI 1 with one network and 2 interfaces on BVI 100 with another network.Servers connected to BVI 1 interf...

VitaliiN by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hi,I am working on a topology vPC---Router_11---Router_12---vPCI have configured IPSec IKEv2 with sVTI (GRE), working properly.Behind the switch is a Layer 2 traffic as well which am passing through the same Router INTERFACE TUNNEL 1 using xconnect o...

JunaidM by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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