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Resolved! VPN

Hi, I have a site-to-site vpn which is working fine but when i use the client vpn to connect to another network I am not able to connect to any machine on my site-to-site vpn.   Thanks,

tobamarus by Level 1
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Hi,   I have a question regarding routing when connected with Anyconnect.   Consider below diagram. Static routes in ASA: route OUTSIDE 1route DMZ 1route INSIDE tun...

Skärmavbild 2017-12-06 kl. 19.55.11.png
jl81 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,.   I have strange problem with VPN filter that I have on my L2L IPSect tunnel on ASA.   access-list MY_VPN_Filter extended permit tcp host eq 1414 host access-list MY_VPN_Filter extended permit tcp host

rizwanr74 by Level 7
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Hi All, I'm fairly new to Cisco ASA so please excuse my naivety. We have a Cisco 5555 ASA which is currently configured for AnyConnect VPN via AD. The next step is to authenticate users/laptops with AD + Certificates.   I have configured the ASA as a...

pugman by Level 1
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Hello guys, I have Cisco firewall ASA 5505 (CLI:ASA Version 8.2(2); ASDM version: 6.2(5)). We had configure VPN (site to site) toward the customs agency. They sent me private LAN and settings  we to configure in ours firewall. The problem is: when we...

We want to create site to site VPN with one of our partner, our current setup is as below. We have three ISPs terminated on A10 load balanacer ----> Router---->ASA firewall Could any one help...

cisco.src by Level 1
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Hello all. I have a few issues I am trying to resolve that I have been working on for a few days.  Quick intro to my environment. Site A ASA 5505 > Microwave Shot > ISP 200ms  /  2 Workstations on LAN Site B ASA 5505 > vSat > ISP  800ms  / Catalyst 1...

bughatti by Level 1
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I have replaced the cables and the Cisco ASA 5505,  I still lose packets whenI ping a pc on the other end of the site to site IPsec vpn tunnel.  Can someonetell me if this is related to the configuration of Cisco ASAs or other networkingproblems.  Th...

Dears ... please, there is any book or video that can you provide me to understand the ikev2 ?as well there is any template can i use ? to configure itplease asap cuz it's required from me in my work  thanks