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Hi everyone :o) First of all I'm not an expert. I'm trying to get my ASA to work with VPN (L2TP/IPSec) from a Windows10 PC. I can connect to the ASA without any faults, but I don't get the gateway from ASA when I connect in my lan stasus. I starded w...

jbm by Level 1
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Hi, I need tp send 3 types of traffic via site to site vpn. 1. all ip traffic between MAIN and REMOTE site 2. I need to send all the TCP dest.port = 25 traffic from REMOTE site lan via VPN and then to the internet 3. I need to send all IP traffic fro...

Hi we are using RA VPN with AnyConnect. We are pre deploying Core Client and XML Client Profile to the employees via Microsoft SCCM. All are using Windows 10 laptops without admin rights. We are first installing the Core Client and then putting XML ...

How does one go about transferring anycoonect licenses from a Production ASA to a Replacement ASA. Is this even doable or does Cisco honor the license purchased for the Production ASA and generate a new llicense to enable the anyconnect essentials?

Hello, I have a site to site VPN in working condition however when one of the two network object was removed on each ends, the VPN is non-functional. The subnet was removed on both ends and currently I am seeing phase 1 up but phase 2 is down. When I...

Jay Joshi by Level 1
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Is is possible to create an ACL (standard) and assign it to a particular VPN user? This way they will only have access to a few hosts on the network. I created an ACL and assigned it via the access-class as follows: username xxx access-class 10 passw...

Hi all, We have AnyConnect RA VPN with Certificate Authentication only. (No AAA,LDAP nothing) We want to allow only users who have certificates on smart card and that too from our own PKI Sub-CA. We have configured all this in the Client Profile. How...

Hi Guys See the debug below, any ideas why a Windows10 cleint cannot authenticate. L2TP with IPSec pre-share key. Cheers Mike *Nov  5 09:58:56.360: ISAKMP (0:0): received packet from dport 500 sport 500 Global (N) NEW SA*Nov  5 0...

I have a site to site VPN that runs on  IPsecOverNatT(The external interface is NATTed on the router to a public IP),how do i disable this feature? I want to configure my external interface with a public IP and update it on the other side of the VPN....

We have a dmvpn hub in the states with 150 clients which are working well, but recently we installed a 881 in the UK that is giving me trouble.I'm able to get consistant pings from my dmvpn hub's outside address to the 881 dmvpn hub's outside address...

bob bob by Level 1
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