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i create ipsec vpn between ASA 5505 and RV042. Tunnel is UP and i can ping from inside both client.But during ping, there is timeout in between.is there any explanation why the timeout happen? or is it if IPSEC VPN is up, it must be no timeout happen...

Hello, I'm configuring a VPN IPSEC using FAILOVER. T hava three ASAs. Of these three, two are configuring with FAILOVER and VPN IPSEC. Another only with IPSEC. The problem is when the ASA has configured how Active is shutdown. The another ASA stanby ...

monter_85 by Beginner
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I'm trying to understand the SSL VPN for Cisco. Can I set it up so that user is logged into our network with access to anything he would normally have when in the office? With the Anyconnect Apex license, does the anyconnect client need to be install...

ejacobs01 by Beginner
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Hi Experts,Good Day!I have an implementation of remote-access VPN in ASA and the my client wants to have a per departmental access such as if you are a HR you only have access to HR apps, if you are a Legal you only have access to Legal, etc.In my mi...

I have a Cisco 1840 at work and an Cisco 1840 at home. I have the VPN tunnel up between the two. What I'm trying to do is transport Video (IGMP) from work to my home over this VPN tunnel to a motorola STB (Set Top Box). Will this work on this Cisco 1...

Hello , I have a DMVPN cloud with 40 spokes and 2 Hubs. The routing protocol is EIGRP. Some of the spokes are behind an ADSL modem and some are behind a 3G router(the spoke ip address is getting Natted to the modem public IP). Clearly the spokes does...

I am having an issue authenticating users via 802.1x/EAP-TLS across an IPSec tunnel. I am using route-based VPN with SVTI configuration on a 2921 and 1941. I have the following settings defined:- Under the tunnel interfaces:- MTU 1390- MSS 1350- PMTU...

unclerico by Beginner
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I am receiving the following error when I try to establish an IPSEC tunnel in one of our branch .*Jan 19 14:16:37.059: %CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_MAC_ERR: decrypt: mac verify failed for connection id=2009 local= remote= spi=4A4D2438 se...

adriatikb by Beginner
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Attached screenshot of the error message. Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 64-bitAnyConnect Version: 3.1.10010I believe AnyConnect is supported in Ubuntu LTS versions, but still I face this issue. Please help me fix this. Thanks,Arun

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