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I was testing esp-null as configured in a transform-set in IOS under the impression that the payload will not be encrypted however I am unable to view the payload in clear-text.I just wanted to know if payload can be seen in clear-text since esp-null...

John Pong by Beginner
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Hello,I have a VPN set up between a Cisco 887 DSL router and an ASA.  All the traffic from the 877 is encrypted and send to the ASA and it all works.  I've been ask to not encrypt the Internet traffic and send it over the VPN to th ASA which it does ...

Andy White by Participant
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HI, I have a working remote access vpn configuration on Cisco ASA 5520 , my customer is using Cisco VPN client , and wants to authenticate the users using AD credentials and certificate . For AD integration it is fine , but I need to use certificate ...

Hi All.Need assisstance on this issue.I am working on ASA 8.2. We have a public block for customer pointed to ASA .Now customer wants access from to . He is coming from private ip address try...

Friends,Can anyone help me?How do I configure "no nat" in version 8.4(4) of the ASA?Example:Local network: Network: access-list extended permit ip Nonat 255.255...

Dear Team,I have a Cisco asa firewall, i would like to enable remote vpn (either ssl or client vpn).Please check the attached show version and suggest what are required or missing to enable these.Accordingly, i will get the things done and enable VPN...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hello,I've created a site to site vpn from pix to azure using vpn wizard.in monitoring tab in IKE SAs I can see the status of the connection is QM_IDLEand in IPSec VPNs I can see a row for this vpn but no packet is transferring.Please let me know if ...

vahidfar7 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hi I have quite a complex (to explain) VPN problem, I've built a model in GNS3 but I still cant get it to work. here is the topology 1. SiteW is the main site, if W-CLient wants to talk to S-Client (on SiteS) the traffic is simply NATTED to 106.200.1...

Hi Dears,I want to configure DMVPN on cisco routers. I want to configure dual ISP at spoke's. ADSL link is primary and 3g is backup and configure dmvpn.How i configure in HUB and Spoke sites? I want to use Eigrp protocol.

I am new to networking. I have a CISCO 3800 series router. I do have admin access, moreover I can configure it using CLI through Hyper terminal. I would like to ask if there is some GUI (maybe web based) that I can also use to check and perform confi...

amirsd001 by Beginner
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Helloactually i have situation as discuss below and I'm confused about design and implement which VPN topology i have to choose DMVPN, GETVPN or DVTI i have 4 branch and 1 main site, branches have 2 connectivity to HQ one via INTERNET an another via ...

John Mayer by Beginner
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