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I have a 2-Hub DMVPN setup with 10 spokes.  One hub in NJ and one in Australia.  I am migrating to NJ office to a new ISP and will obviously have an IP address change.  What is involved in changing the IP of the NJ router? 

I'm having issues with users intermittently dropping RDP sessions when connecting through IPsec remote VPN.  The Windows RDP session seems to drop and re-connect.  I'd like to think it's not an issue on the firewall (ASA5540) because I don't see user...

eric-owens by Beginner
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We have some VPN 3005 concentrators. I can't find any specific information if they are susceptible to the "ShellShock" bug. Despite the fact that they are not supported officially already I suppose, some consideration regarding this vulnerability hav...

I have dual ISP at the branch side (one is DSL And other is Cellular provider). I have dMvpn setup for interoffice communciation. I want to use DSL as a primary link for DMVPN and cellular as a backup. At the hub side we have got single  DMVPN cloud....

Hi Folks,I have currently setup an ASA at a remote site in the middle of the USA which tunnels all traffic back to our West coast HQ to use its Internet connection.  It works great.  However, I also want to have another tunnel to our East Coast HQ to...

 I am trying to create my vpn tunnel to use host names rather than ip, so in the event we change ip addresses I don't need to modify a load of routers.However when I enter my commands as below, the hostname automatically resolves and when I do a show...

Hi, I am configuring a DMPN between my Headquarter and my Branch.Tunnel GRE has a tunnel protection applied, Phase1 is OK: RCIAO07#sh crypto isakmp saIPv4 Crypto ISAKMP SAdst             src             state               conn-id statusx.x.x.x      ...

I can't seem to establish a VPN between remote ASA 5505 and my local 5550 ASA. In my logs I am getting the following:         IP =, IKE Initiator: New Phase 1, Intf inside, IKE Peer local Proxy Address, remote Pro...

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