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ASA5505 Certificates

Hello all, i have ASA5505 and i want to create anyConnect VPN,but i don't know what to do with the certificates. Can i create and import certificates? Can you give me a guide or something like that? Thanks!

Java Error message with Webdeploy

HelloIt seems that the current Java version 7.0.45 produces a new error message when connecting to an ASA running 8.4(6) with Anyconnect 3.1.04059 through WebLaunch. The java error (information) states:This application will be blocked in a future Jav...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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GRE Tunnel over IPSEC not working

Hi all,Can someone help verify what is wrong with the config below for point to point vpn:hostname B5_NP_RTR!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!no aaa new-modelmemory-size iomem 5ip cef!no ip domain lookupip domain name lab.local!!crypto isakmp policy...

Resolved! Anyconnect license for ASA5520

Dear Team,Below is the configuration of one of our clients and they have requested for 50 Users Anyconnect License with software being installed on client.***********************************************************************************************...

SSLVPN Mobility Client and ASA Portal

Customer has an ASA5520 with Premium licensing so that they have th eportal capability to control what people see or have access to when they VPN into the network.They are thinking that the portal goes away when they move their people to a SSLVPN Sec...

Resolved! IPSEC VPN Tunnel on Zonebased Firewall issue

Please help!!!I am trying to setup a lab router ISR1921 to build VPN tunnel with vmware vshield edge. The configure of the 1921 is pasted below. There is not much setting on the vshield side really and I am positive both sides are matching for phase ...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Configuration and Installation of ACS 4.1 went wrong.

Hello, I have 2 servers that are botch Windows 2008 64 Bit servers. They run Cisco ACS 4.1. One of the servers was not replicating and I was asked to get replication to work. The replication was supposed to be one way. Here is where everything went w...

bsuarez01 by Beginner
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Cisco VPN routing issue

Hello,I am currently away in a hotel and have setup both a Full tunnel profile and a Split tunnel profile on my home ASA.  The tunneling works fine for browsing, but when I try to access one of my machines at home, no luck.I'm sure I'm missing someth...

SSL VPN on Cisco 1941 with Firewall woes

Hi Folks, Been trying to setup SSL VPN on a 1941 with limited sucess. I can get the VPN configured and working but as soon as enable the firewall it blocks the VPNThe VPN connects and I can ping the internal gateway address from a remote client  but ...

Resolved! Remote Access VPN without a certificate

Hi all,I'd like to deploy Remote access VPN for ASA 5512 using Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client version 3.1.05152. However it requires a valid certificate from a trusted CA such as verisign, entrust...Is there anyway I can use the self-sign ce...

Thang Le by Beginner
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SSL VPN - Fortigate Vs Cisco

When ordering Cisco ASA and SSL VPN we need to put extra SKUs which are highly priced . Lets say I want to add a 100 user SSL VPN ( web based ) licnese to my ASA 5515 then the price would go way high .Someone told me that if I go with a fortigate dev...

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