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Hello Folks, I am doing Webex Connect Flows Lab. I have created Demo Account. I am not able to Make Flow Live. Getting Error "Sender Id is not configured." in SMS Channel.  In SMS Channel Settings From Number is selected as "CONNCT".  In Number con...

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I have sandbox access but want to upgrade so I can test RCS capabilities (amongst other things).  When I click on "Request full access" it takes me to this: https://imimobile.com/products/imiconnect/sandbox/request-upgrade which gives me a cant reach...

jakehova by Level 1
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Hi Team,   Good day. We have received two alerts from Webex Connect. Any ideas why did we receive them?   First one: This email app was a test app. deleted_client : The OAuth client was deleted..Please update authentication credentials configuration ...

Hi Team, I am using below code in my solution with the trial account I have but am unable to place voice call and getting 400 error each time. Please advise: var client = new HttpClient();var request = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Post, "https:/...

kmehta by Level 1
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I am trying to configure a webhook as a trigger for my flow but i am unable to get it to work. When i try to send test requests using postman, it does not get invoked or the variables do not get parsed.. is there additional steps needed to get this t...

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sthan89 by Level 1
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