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Resolved! SMS on Sandbox

Dear all, I can t receive / Send SMS on my Sandbox. https://sandbox.imiconnect.io/ Whats-App is still working fine. Are you all facing the same ? Is it just a temporary issue or a new policy for sandboxes ? David

Hello, I signed up for Sandbox, added and verified my mobile number and started messing around in Webex Connect Sandbox. Having sent an SMS, i clicked 'Receive SMS'; received an error saying i had to login. When i entered my email and password, authe...

Hi all, I have a Webex Connect Sandbox and I use it to send SMS in a Nodejs application. It was working on 1 Nov. When I tried to run it yesterday (7 Nov) and today (8 Nov), it did not work. I checked the response code is 202 and response body looks ...

alvlau by Cisco Employee
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