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Hi, I'm currently building an app to help our users sign in and out of webex desktop. I would like some explaination about the current_log.txt file found in C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\AppData\Local\CiscoSpark. I'm trying to understand which logs represent ...

stagiaire by Beginner
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We are in the process of moving some users to a different organization with a new Office 365 account. These users need to access both accounts for now. One account is john.smith@acme.com, which is linked to WebEx. The other account is john.smith@newa...

Been noticing this behavior lately. I start the meeting and normally will post a message in the Chat for everyone. An example.. I post in the Chat that I have placed everyone Mute on Entry.. Used to work well but, the two last releases (updates) this...

kndskelton by Beginner
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Ever since the last update to the Webex app ( the  app just randomly disappears from our taskbar when open. Almost like it hibernates and is no longer available. Calls come in but don't ring into the app because it's not open in the task...

stevenle by Beginner
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