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hi We have 4 floors of office , recently added a WLC to add extra APs . we have Rukus ap too .we have successfully configured Cisco APs and it all connected to gateway too and  WLc (open Security )and APs got ips but our issue is when ever a client c...

nharish by Level 1
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Resolved! WLC License issue

My WLC has 45 permanent licenses and all are in use. Also, I see that WLC has an evaluation license with 12 12-week expiry, with a 1500 RTU license. Evaluation license in Inactive and permanent license is active Now if I want to add one more AP, can ...

Good Day, I did a factory re-set on above AP (more than 60 seconds) the AP is on the same subnet as a WLC however the AP does not join this WLC due to model / firmware mismatch. I am connect via Consol and getting a stream of debug - I cannot break t...

Heinz by Level 1
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Hi Guys, Are the following possible for FlexConnect, 1. Single SSID broadcasting to multiple site locations with their own respective FlexConnect Group? For example, BR_A = FlexGroup_A and BR_B = FlexGroup_B and both of it is broadcasting single same...

We are using the option from Cisco Prime to select a radio and use the cisco spectrum analyzer tool to remotely analyse the spectrum on the channel of that particular interface on that AP. This still works fine on 2700/3700/2800/3800 AP's, but not on...

pbosman by Level 1
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Hello,I'm looking for a function on the WLC to disable a SSID on a specific group of Access Points.For Example I have a ssid called “logistic” which is used at the Access Points in the Logistic Area.But I don't want this ssid “logistic” on th...

Hi everyone ! I'm facing a very strange issue : on a C9800-CL, the assiociated AP's (AP1852E and AP1542I) are not broascasting the configured SSID...The controller is in 17.5.1, upgraded from the recommanded 17.3.3 version that was initially set up, ...

Dear Cisco Community, I am unable to connect to three separate cisco AP2802i Access points using console port. Note that console cable is working as I am able to use it to access cisco switches. I have also tried to hard reset one device and still no...

mwiingac by Level 1
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Hello Everyone i have an ap Cisco air-ap1832i-e-k9 and it was working fine , i added one more ap and i  converted the ap to Mobility Express and i made first ap is a controller and i changed this port to new port but i have an issue with the followin...

Hello everybody, I am a University student, my colleagues and I need to work with Cisco Access Points (embedded and lightweight).We figured out that the first step should be to upgrade the firmware of our AP (it's currently in version 16.12).I seem t...

Stweak by Level 1
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Hello everyone!We have configired a virtual WLC with demo license for 200 AP (60 days)Our 2602 AP has joined the controller but it is not broadcasting SSIDs even though the WLAN status is enabled and Broadcast SSID is checkedANy suggestions?

fgasimzade by Level 4
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