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Setting up a new 5508 controller with 2702i APs and I am trying to configure flexconnect for the APs located in three remote offices. I have one SSID that will be the same at all sites and have the option checked for local switching on this WLAN.  Th...

hello, hello ,please , I need help urgently.I have a 5508 WLC , a Switch 2960 and 2901 router is call manager .I want to configure two networks:SSID 1: For the data for PCSSID 2: For IP phones WIFIMy problem is that I can display the SSDI 1 and I can...

cameroun by Beginner
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HiAp type    AIR-CAP2602I-E-K9WiSM2 ver adding 2600 AP's they are finding the controller and downloading. they then reboot and start the prosess again and continue to do this.see attached text file showing the output from the console.an...

mickyq by Beginner
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Hi AllI was going through a DR process with a customer in the event that one of their Cisco WLCs fail, they currently have a primary 8510 and a 8510-HA SKU controller, which made me think about the process in the event of a WLC physical failure.Whils...

R M C by Beginner
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Hi , One of my colleague purchased a 9 AP adder license for Cisco 2504 WLC.He has connected his Laptop directly to the WLC and trying to install the file via CLI. Connectivity between PC to WLC is fine, however he is receiving below error msg while t...

I work in an environment where it is QoS-centric.  I was reading up on the "Off Channel Scanning Defer" setting on the Advanced tab of the WLANs configuration.  By default, the Scan Defer Priority is set for 4,5,6 and the Scan Defer time is set to 10...

voipis4me by Beginner
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I have two Cisco WLC and one  ISE. I created authorization policies for connection of android devices. Devices are recognized without problems in WLC 4400 but in WLC 5508 does not recognize some devices and showing the device is ¨unknown¨.The same An...

JRGC by Beginner
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We have 2 5508 and 1 4402 WLCs and all belong to the same mobility group. The 4402 does not have any access points and does nothing more than serve as a mobility anchor for our public wireless SSID. We are planning to replace the 4402 with a new 2504...

Hi I wan to upgrade the IOS version on WLC 5508, but I do not is recommended,  Can you help me is recommended upgrade for this version?.The apple devices have a problem with retry authentication constantly  regards

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