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I have a 4402 WLC running one air lap 1242 and seven air ap1010. After updating the firmware on the WLC from 4.x to, only the 1242 came back up. The seven 1010's are all unknown. I don't believe any of the MAC filters or ACL are enabled. Do...

gabefroman by Beginner
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I have 5 new 2602i-n APs that I am getting a "Lwapp join request rejected" error in the AP Join log of the controller.  I have other 2602s working just fine, and I have other N radios working just fine.  I have moved the APs to 2 other controllers, v...

jrg100006 by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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After a factory refresh on a 3602i, I am no longer able to set the Country to "US"It is defaulting to "AU" and when I try changing it I get the error that reads "error in setting country code."Any thougths on where to start with this?The AP was purch...

aeryilmaz by Beginner
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Is a monitor mode AP required on the network for switch port tracing to work correctly?Reason I ask is when running a report for OFF network (off wireless) APs, none are coming up.I'm thinking a monitor mode AP might be the missing piece to the equat...

Rob Johnson by Cisco Employee
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On the WLC under Wireless > (select AP) > Mesh > Ethernet Bridging > (Interface Name), you can set the mode for the interface. (Normal, Access, or Trunk)Can anyone explain exactly what "Normal" mode is? I can deduce Access and Trunk, but I'm having a...

I have a customer looking to use the AIR-ANT2440NV-R= bell shaped MIMO antenna on an older 1242AP.  This is to essentially increase signal coverage using hardware already available.They only need the 2.4GHz "G" coverage which this antenna would look ...

arichmond by Beginner
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Hi.I have a customer that have set up a wireless network for their showroom where they plan to use AppleTV's and AirportExpresses to allow their employees to easily share video and audio with their clients.The employees connect to one SSID (User) wit...

tlr by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco AP 1530

I am looking for Autonomous AP IOS Software for  Cisco 1530  Access point but cant' find it.As per data sheet this AP should be able to operate either in controller-based or standalone operation mode:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/wirele...

Resolved! 802.1p mapping?

Hi All,have any noticed the 802.11p setting on the WLC has changed several times depending on the software code?This is from 802.11p = 5.Will I get 5 or 4?        The 802.11p = 6will I get 6 or 5? = 6Will I get 6...

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