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Hi!May we know what is the best way to use wireless access points for our Internal domain users as well as visitors? Is creating multiple SSIDs better like one for internal users and another one for visitors or have one SSID and make different polici...

Dear all.I know that is a very uninteresting topic, but i need to ask...I have a 5508 wireless controller, and 96 AP`s on it.There is some way to export to a file the information of  AP names and IOS version of them?Thanks.

darsilvar by Beginner
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Good day,We are trying to set up Apple TV on our 802.1x SSID.  So far, we have input authentication as well as loaded two certificates from our Cisco ACS.  I believe this did not need to be done. Is there a way we can configure APPLE TV on our wirele...

dpatkins by Beginner
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Hi,I was wondering I have a Directional antenna (AIR-ANT2588P3M-N) for which i  need to connect to my AP (AIR-CAP1552E-E-K9)My question is How many Coaxial Cable (AIR-CAB005LL-N) should I use for my AP? 1 or 3 ? I think it should be 1 per Antenna but...

khan300 by Beginner
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We have some AP keep on disassociating. All together we have 21 APs in the building but only this 7 APs keep on disassociating in every hours.Below is the log i grab from our 5508 controller.Last reset reason: operator changed 11g mode Our controller...

remysyaku by Beginner
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hi all,was configuring this AP platform.after AP boots up it got stuck on this line:*Mar  1 00:03:09.978: %CDP_PD-4-POWER_OK: Full power - NON_CISCO-NO_CDP_RECEIVED inline power sourcei always use secure CRT but when i changed to hypterterminal i got...

Hi guys, Could anybody please help in regards to a NCS report, I want to have a report having the channel pair and the percentage of number of APs using that pair.Thanks

Hi Guys,When we run Executive Summary Report (Reports > Report Launch Pad > Network Summary > Wireless Network Executive Summary) on Prime we are getting 13 page long report.       Half of the pages (6 pages) filled with  Network Air Quality vs Time ...

I am currently trouble shooting a issue with my 1140 access points. Recently they have been "freezing" or "locking up", not allowing client to connect or to pass traffic. As a fix I have to reboot individual APs, which is getting a little old. I am r...

Joe Liberi by Beginner
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Hi friends: my wlc version is ap 1231G version is c1200-rcvk9w8-tar.124-21a.JA2 the ap cannot register to WLC. the lap is used stats ip address,its can pinged to wlc. Version does not support? and the other ap is 1241 version is 12.4<13d>J...

  Hi all,i'm tryinng to configure dual sim failover on a Cisco 4G router (C819HG-4G-G-K9) but i'm not able to.Single SIM in slot 0 works properly, but i cannot add a second profile for sim in slot 1.Reading the following document : http://www.cisco.c...

Hi!I am setting up a webauth solution for a customer. This customer has one special request that i am investigating.He want´s to have guests connecting to the WLC and get redirected to a webpage with a requirement to fill in your email-adress. Once t...

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